Memorial Day Edition: Pool Season is in, so are Variable Speed Pumps

Memorial day is a reflection on many things depending on who you are speaking with. To many it is a day to remember those men and women who laid down their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. To others it is the “un-official” start to Summer and pool season for those in cooler climates that dont have the luxury of a year round pool. With that being said, lets get your pool up and running so you spend more time enjoying the water and less time worrying about the monthly expense to operate it.



Variable speed pumps are the new buzz and are quickly taking over. Mainly because of their energy efficiency but also because government regulation is beginning to mandate them. States like California have been enforcing any pumps over 1HP be a 2 speed or variable speed since 2008. The government is set to officially make variable speed pumps mandatory on pools so anyone considering to replace their pump in the near future might want to consider making the switch now.



Here’s why you might consider a new Variable Speed Pump


Rebate Programs are being strongly pushed for anyone to make the switch to Variable Speed Pool Pumps

  • The rebates in my area are $300 plus places are even offering free installation when you purchase from them, so $300 back plus not paying for installation is a pretty good benefit.
  • Rebate programs are typically available prior to any regulation meaning they will likely disappear once it takes effect and you’ll be left paying full price.


Image result for variable speed pool pump vs single speed energy saving


The Energy Savings alone can make the ROI short and sweet. (Above is an example for visual purposes)

  • Variable Speed Pumps allow you to either select from predetermined RPM settings or create your own to meet your exact needs. For instance, just because the gallons are the same from one pool to another doesnt mean they will both need the same RPMs. One might be plumbed with 1.5″ CPVC and the other might have 2″ or bigger. Smaller pipe can only support so much so anything above that is just wasted energy. A single speed of double speed pump does not give you that convenience of precisely getting to what each unique pool needs.
  • There are many performance and energy saver calculators available to put in your price per kWh and run time to figure out what you might save by using a variable speed pump instead of a single speed. These are just estimates so they should probably be taken with a grain of salt but they should give you a good idea.
  • Depending on who you speak with, the lower energy cost is a product of lower speeds. Lower speeds in many cases can equate to less wear and tear, but again that just depends on who you speak with.



Image result for pentair vs hayward variable speed pumps

Integrated Pool Timer means you set it and forget it

  • Many of you probably have a pool timer but for those of you who don’t, just like myself, these pumps come with built in timers. This is where the energy savings is derived by having the ability to set the speed and duration of your pool pump operation so you can hone in on whats best for you. So not only can you set the pump and walk away from it knowing it wont run all day (if you choose) but you can now let it run all 24 hours to achieve a full turnover at the lowest energy cost to you.


Much Quieter Operation compared to single speed pumps

  • This is a personal preference but still a benefit over its predecesor. Its like a food disposal, they make very quiet ones that dont make you cringe and others that are on par with a wood chipper but they both get the job done.


New Technology is driving Automation

  • Like everything else, wireless is the convenience that sells. Pool equipment is starting beginning to leverage this and now you can monitor your pump from the screen of your phone. That means your pool pump, your salt cell, your heater, etc. can all be monitored in real time and you can adjust as you see fit. You can get alerts when things are not right or maybe if something powers off for any reason. This is extremely nice for those of you seeking peace of mind.


So why is this being written on an HVAC blog? Many of you may not have related pools with plumbing or electrical but they really are one in the same. And many HVAC companies have a plumbing and/or electrical segment within their company or the experience that could be used to install your new equipment properly and the electrical experience to wire up the new pump. Most pool installers and equipment installers will sub out the electrical work to a certified electrician anyhow and if you have a good relationship with an electrician already, check with them first. So when you are calling around for someone to install your equipment I would recommend seeing if any of your local HVAC/Plumbers provide pool service so you can get additional quotes.


Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!