About Billy Pell

Here to bring you Comfort Institute’s Friday Feed, my name is William Pell. I am passionate about helping contractors grow their business through Home Performance and spreading as much industry knowledge as possible. Through my experiences both civilian (Handyman/MS in Marketing) and military (Contractor/Navy Seabee), I have become a “Jack of all Trades”. I have been hands on with most of the trades for over a decade (Rough/Finish Carpentry, Concrete/Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Equipment Operating, and more) plus the knack for researching until my head hurts to provide a clear mind that I made the best decision. My findings are based on either real world experience or real world research. I do my best to rid my work of bias and provide a case for all sides. This is an ever changing industry and I continue to learn and adapt to new methods or products. If you have any recommendations to the articles posted, please share your thoughts so we can grow together.