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Comfort Institute, Inc. (CI) is an international indoor comfort research, training and consumer protection organization based in Centerville, Ohio with trainers and offices located throughout the United States and Canada.


Comfort Institute’s Consumer Protection Division provides homeowners with valuable consumer information and tips that cover many aspects of home comfort including ways to reduce or completely eliminate common problems such as:

  • hot and cold spots
  • excessive dust
  • allergy and asthma suffering
  • dry or damp indoor air
  • unhealthy indoor air
  • noisy or unreliable heating/cooling equipment
  • excessive utility bills

Government and utility research has proven that most new “high efficiency” heating and cooling systems don’t deliver anywhere near the comfort and low utility bills they are capable of. Comfort Institute is dedicated to informing North American homeowners about why this happens and how to avoid it.


Comfort Institute also provides training and support to a network of independent comfort contractors across North America. These programs help member contractors solve problems like those listed above for their homeowner customers. They also help contractors provide the highest possible quality of heating and cooling service and installations, at competitive prices.

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