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“Oh…. Baby!” Albert whispered, “You are a great little cocksucker, aren’t you!” He shivered a bit to her touch, and then, deep in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it, he said, “Careful… I don’t think I can take much more of that.” Her eyes smiled at his compliment. Although she’d given her husband head many times at his request, never had she gotten the pleasure out of doing it like she had with Ryan, and now Albert. With a twinkle in her eye she pulled off his cock and began to push his body downward. Albert slipped his knees off the couch, bending his body until he was aligned, and Irene guided him in place. “Oh, you’re so wet!” he crooned as he began working his cock inside her. Irene’s legs, lewdly splayed wide until now, bent to wrap behind his and pull him deeper inside her. Slight back and forth motions and he slipped inside her, eventually burying himself to his pubic bone, and stopped his motion. “You’re too low, I won’t be able to keep this up,” he said, unexpectedly pulling completely out and indicating to her that she should roll over. With his help, she did, landing on her knees on the couch, her ass in the air with her arms hugging the couch, as Albert, his cock coated with the lubricant and now her own juices, easily slipped into her from behind.He immediately pulled back out and then back in, long slow strokes, each one deeper and longer than Oscar had ever been able to give to her. His motion, slow to begin with, increased in tempo with each thrust, until after a mere 10 or 12 strokes he grunted and gripping her hips held himself deep inside her. Surprised at the suddenness of his orgasm, she was at first disappointed as she felt four distinct gushes of his cum inside her. Ryan had fucked her for several minutes before he was ready to cum, and then by holding off stimulation for a few moments he’d been able to continue so their lovemaking had gone on for quite some time, but once he came, just like her husband Oscar, he got soft and was done for a while.Surprisingly, she felt Albert’s cock still rigid inside her. He pulled back just slightly and then with a groan, thrust to the bottom inside her again. Pulling back again, this time a little further, he pushed inside again, and then once more. Within 30 seconds of him filling her with his seed, he was again pumping her vagina — long, strong, strokes, his cock still hard and performing.She’d been disappointed when he’d cum, it had been too quick for her. With her history with Oscar she’d known it was all over, leaving her wanting, but Albert’s continued erection and return to fucking let her know he intended to make sure she orgasmed also. She reached between her legs, her finger finding her clit, the only way she’d ever been able to orgasm with Oscar, but realizing if Albert continued his motions she was getting enough stimulation to take her to the end, and she refrained from diddling herself, at least momentarily. Fingering herself had always been a way to get off, but she’d also found with Ryan that continued stimulation from inside could get her off too, a slower and more enjoyable orgasm than she got from her fingers. She withdrew her hand and fingers, instead closing her eyes and relishing Alberts cock continuing to pummel her insides.The feeling was exquisite — but she also knew what she wanted, something slightly different. Reaching back, she put her hand against Alberts stomach, and said, “Let me up.” Pulling back, his cock pulled free and she rolled over, pushing Albert down to the floor and onto his back. Straddling him she was surprised at how high she had to rise to get the extra length of Albert to align with her. It felt like she was rising twice as far as she needed to be able to sit on Oscar.She was also surprised by the extraordinary amount of liquid coming from her vagina, until she realized that not only was it her arousal, but the hot semen from Albert she’d felt filling her insides moments before. Now she felt a puddle surrounding their coupled genitals, and as she rose and fell on his prick, she heard the squishing sounds of their bodies. Mostly however her concentration was on the cock filling her, and now, with her in control, it was touching her exactly where she needed.Albert’s hands rose to fondle her breasts, his thumbs and fingers pinching and tweaking her nipples which, with her now on top, was just that much more perfect. When moments later she gasped, “Oh God… I’m cumming!” his fingers clamped down on her nipples, the pressure exquisitely accenting her orgasm. She collapsed forward onto his chest, his still erect cock in her pussy. His fingers hadn’t been pushed aside and now as he pressed and released the nipples clamped in his fingers, she twitched each time, shuddering to his touch. Finally, she rose a bit and her hand gripped his wrist to pull it away as she said, “Too much.”Irene just lay there on top of Albert, slowly coming down from her coital high, when she felt Albert flex his cock inside her. Her “ummm” of pleasure let him know that it wasn’t unappreciated. His hands pulled away from her breasts and re-positioned themselves elsewhere on her body, slowly stroking her sides and back. Rising up a bit she looked him in the face. “Thank you,” she said, “that was exquisite.” He smiled and his hand rose to the back of her head, pulling her face down to his. Obviously, the intent was to kiss her, and she didn’t hesitate, her eyes closing as she recovered from her orgasm, assuming it was to be a Thank You kiss. His lips parted to match hers, his tongue sliding between hers and at the same time he flexed his cock inside her once again. Her eyes opened in surprise, pulling back from the kiss. “You’re still hard?” He smiled in response. “But… you came?” He rolled his hips causing his still hard cock to slide within her.”You’re still hard!” she whispered in awe, experiencing that although they’d both cum, and he had softened a bit, he was still erect enough that when he rolled her onto her back, still inside her, and lifted her legs to his shoulders she knew exactly what was coming next. It seemed obvious to her that this time he was fulfilling his own desires, but it didn’t keep her from being pleasurably stimulated from the inside. It wasn’t long and her hand slid between their bodies, her fingers finding just what she needed, and she orgasmed again long before he came a second time.On the floor 30 minutes later, lying naked and cuddling to Albert’s shoulder, the thought of Oscar and Maria again crossed her mind. She had just fucked her friend’s husband as she, and probably her own husband, had watched. Rolling onto her back and glancing over where they had been, she found the chair they’d been occupying vacant. Glancing around the room she saw they were gone, and she realized she’d ignored them so well that she hadn’t even seen them leave.~”Are we ok?” Maria asked Irene as they sat down to lunch on Monday. Irene hadn’t even got to work when the phone call from Maria suggesting meeting for lunch came in. Oscar had been ecstatic about what had happened, as much or more so than Irene had been, and she’d allowed him to enthusiastically fuck her twice on Sunday. But he’d talked about it again and again all day long. She understood that Maria was eager to compare notes about their mutual affair.”Yes, of course,” Irene smiled back at her. “Did you have a good time?”Her answer wasn’t instantaneous, and Irene realized that after having a day and a half to think about it, not answering enthusiastically and immediately was as telling as if she’d gushed about it. “I had a good time,” Maria finally said.”But not great?”Maria nodded her head, “Yeah, I guess that’s the way to describe it.” Her eyes rose to two men moving through the café, headed to a table where they had to walk next to them and she paused, allowing them to move porn“Oscar said he had fun. He said you were a great lover and it was everything he thought it would be.””Well, I guess I can say I now understand your frustrations.””Why is that?” Irene answered.”Maybe I was expecting too much? When my ex-boyfriend and I did anal, I had amazing orgasms. He just knew how to touch me and when I started coming it just went on and on. The feel of his cock throbbing in my backside — it was always amazing. With Oscar, I never did cum until I did myself.”Irene nodded her head in agreement, thinking back to years of making love with Oscar. He’d always cum, and often would then try to get her off, but it was always “after” the fact. Although it always felt good to cum, she’d never had an amazing orgasm with him, whereas every orgasm with Ryan had been amazing. And, although it had been really good with Albert, it hadn’t quite met her expectations either.”What about you, did Albert treat you right?”live sex cam“Oh Maria, you’re a lucky woman.” She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and giggled. “I didn’t know a man could cum so much. I swear to God, Maria, I think his first orgasm he must have cum a litre. And then he stayed hard! That was pretty amazing.””He’s always had that ability, staying hard after he’s cum the first time. I can usually have two or three orgasms before he’s done.” She giggled apparently at some memory.”What?” Irene queried.”Oh, just thinking, back when we used condoms, before I had my tubes tied, if for some reason we hadn’t had sex for a while he literally, completely, filled a condom so it would almost ooze out it was so full.”Irene smiled and then she felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck when she realized what Maria had said. “You had your tubes tied?””Oh yeah, the same as you. After the troubles when my second was born, they tied my tubes.” She giggled with a wry grin on her face. “Now when he comes it fills me up and oozes out of me instead of a condom. Remember that morning at the naturist campground where you almost caught us? I swear I was making a huge mess on the way down to the toilets, but it really wasn’t that bad.””So, did Albert get fixed too?””No. I mean we were going to, but after I had my tubes tied there was no reason.” She started to ask why, when she saw Irene looking pale. “What’s wrong?” she asked, “are you feeling sick?””Maria, I’m not fixed either. I’ve never had my tubes tied.”In her mind, Irene remembered back to what it was like trying to get pregnant with Oscar. Oscar had never produced as much semen as Albert had, had never left her oozing with his cum like Albert had, and yet she’d gotten pregnant twice almost immediately after they’d had sex without condoms. With her own girls just a few years from moving out on their own, there was no way she was wanting to get pregnant at this time of life and she knew she’d screwed up, bad.Maria was looking at her, aghast at the revelation. “Irene! Oh my god… I thought….” Irene shook her head no. “But what about Ryan? Did you use condoms with him?””No. He was fixed, we didn’t have to. I just thought… Albert… Oh My God, Maria, I can’t get pregnant. Not now!”The color drained from Maria’s face as the implications of their revelations became clearer. “Ok,” she said, lowering her voice to a whisper, “so when did you have your last period?””Two weeks ago.” That Irene was in or approaching her most fertile period neither had to say aloud.Maria opened her cell phone and began searching the internet, ignoring Irene for the moment. Without explanation, never having expected a need for it, she now researched the “morning after pill” while Irene looked on in shock at her self-revelation that she was at great risk of getting pregnant. When she and Oscar had decided to have a family, he’d quit using condoms and she’d almost immediately gotten pregnant, at least she’d immediately missed her period and slightly over nine months later her first daughter was born. Likewise, two years later when they’d tried for their second child, she’d gotten pregnant almost immediately, again missing her first period after they quit using protection. And Albert had literally filled her with his cum, more than Oscar had ever ejaculated in any four orgasms… and, admittedly she’d loved it. Albert had gotten her to three orgasms with his cock inside her, coming twice himself, although not as much the second time as the first. But feeling the hot spurts of his seed filling her had been exquisite, taking her over the top just that much more. She couldn’t deny she’d liked what Albert had done for her — although not as much as she liked what Ryan had done for her.Ryan had been the same, but different. Ryan had made love to her, Albert had… Albert had sex with her. Albert had taken charge and dictated what they were going to do; Ryan had taken charge and guided her to what she wanted to do, and what she wanted him to do. Albert had made her cum twice in close succession, Ryan had made her cum again, and again, and again — all night long. But both had done it with their cocks, something Oscar had never been able to do.”Ok, it’s not the end of the world,” Maria said, interrupting her introspection. “According to this, the morning after pill is effective for up to 120 hours after sex. I guess we need to go to the pharmacy before going back to work.”Irene heard the words, not initially equating that they were something she could or should do. She’d been raised a good catholic girl, with all the “don’ts” which that entailed, clouding her judgement forever. She’d abstained from outright sex for years, although she readily admitted she loved it when her boyfriends had played with her breasts, and the one she’d allowed to finger her. She hadn’t even minded giving hand jobs in return and eventually she’d relented and had sex with Oscar for several months before their actual wedding. Of course, that had come with a lot of guilt and an inability to really enjoy it herself, but that was another “don’t” that she’d overcome. And then there was birth control, the problem she was in now.Oscar was the only man she’d ever had sex with that wasn’t fixed, or had a rubber, until now, although admittedly she’d momentarily been scared with Ryan until he told he he’d been fixed. In the early days she’d always demanded Oscar use a rubber and then the first time when they tried to get pregnant, the first time she had skin on skin intercourse, the difference had been amazing. Oscar had almost made her cum several times, but she’d always had to inject herself into his fumbling to get herself off. And then going back to condoms between kids… she’d demanded he get fixed after their second daughter and he’d readily agreed. And then Ryan and “cleaving” with someone besides her husband, had been another churchly taboo — that she’d disobeyed. She’d always depended on others to protect her, and she’d screwed up, hadn’t found out whether Albert was fixed after she’d lusted after him, had agreed to have sex with him — all with Maria watching. She looked up at Maria, her reverie momentarily interrupted as she realized what she’d been saying and agreed, she needed to take care of things this time.”Did you like it?””Huh? Like what?” Maria said, her mind having been delving with the possible pregnancy problem and not understanding Irene’s question, that she’d moved away from that issue.”Watching.””Oh. You mean watching you… and Albert?” Irene nodded.”I thought it was really hot. Did you like it?””Oh god yes!” Irene glanced around casually making sure nobody was in earshot. “I came twice without him ever pulling out, and even after he came — he stayed hard. And my god, when he came — I’ve never had Oscar cum nearly that much. And, knowing you were watching… I didn’t have to look, I just knew.”Maria grinned. “Did you like that? I didn’t have sex with him for the whole week beforehand, and when he hasn’t cum in a while, he really cums a lot, doesn’t he?”Irene nodded, “But staying hard… staying in me and making me cum again, that’s never happened before.” She took a sip from her drink and looked at Maria again, “I couldn’t watch you and Oscar.””I could tell. That’s why I took him back to the bedroom.””I saw the once, when he was kneeling …””I saw that. I…” she hesitated momentarily and then decided to tell what she was thinking. “You know, when we got together with Carmen and Jose the first time was just like that. Albert was doing Carmen and Jose was doing oral on me at the same time. We all got off and later Jose did me from behind like I like, but we were all together. With Oscar…” she hesitated again, “he had trouble getting me off. I had to spend so much time directing him on what to do, I kind of missed watching as much as I would have liked.””And he did you… did your…””Did my ass?” Her head broke into a nod. “Yes, as you know I enjoy the pressure of a cock in my ass, but if I hadn’t had my fingers, I’d have been left out there too.””Did he, did you… fuck normally?”Maria’s head shook a no. “Not this time. Maybe if we ever do it again, he can fuck me, but truthfully Irene, I’m not sure I really want to. He just didn’t do much for me.”Irene giggled, “And I thought it was just me.””Irene, Albert really liked playing with you, and the way you can wrap your tits around his cock — my god was that hot. If you ever want to come play with him again, as long as I can watch, the offer is open. And, if Oscar comes along, I’ll play with him too, but truthfully, I’d just as soon play with myself and watch Albert do you, if you know what I mean.”Irene nodded. “Did he, Oscar… did he ever get you off?””Eventually, with his tongue, but I had to guide him the whole time.”Irene glanced at her cellphone. “I think we need to find a pharmacy and get back to work.” A few minutes later she said, “Maria — I really needed something this weekend, I was going crazy. I’ll be seeing Ryan in a couple of weeks, so I’ll be ok for a while. I guess I better get an appointment to see a doctor?””Why? For a pregnancy test?””No. I guess, if you’re willing to let me use Albert every once in a while, I need to do something about getting pregnant. Oscar’s fixed, but after the last couple of months with Ryan, and now Albert, I think I don’t ever want to use a condom again.” Maria didn’t say anything, just reached over and took Irene’s hand, relinquishing it only when they turned to step into the pharmacy.~”God, I love you so much, you know that don’t you?” Oscar said, pausing with his cock buried to the hilt in his wife.”I know,” Irene responded, already knowing what his next words would be. It had been the same for the last three weeks. Now, with her plane scheduled to leave in just four hours, he’d wanted to make love one more time before she was gone for two weeks. They’d had more sex in the last three weeks, since they’d swapped with Maria and Albert, than they had in any 6 months that they’d been married. Oscar had been ravenous, pushing for sex every day, and had actually gotten her off a few times without her assistance. Perhaps it had been “lessons” from Maria, or just that he’d realized that he needed to do better. Granted it hadn’t been by fucking, but still — something was better than nothing. He’d gotten her off with his tongue twice, and another time rubbing his stubby little cock against her clit. That one had been actually very good, something he’d never done before. She was right in her guess of what would be said next as seconds later he spoke again.”Tell me once more, what it’s like to do it with Ryan or Albert.” It suddenly dawned on her on what she could do, amazed at herself that she hadn’t thought of it before.”Ok, but you’ve got to pull that cock out and rub your cock on my clit like the other day, and you can’t stop until I cum.” She said it as aggressively as she could, a role that was normally out of character for her. Irene marveled at his response as he pulled out almost immediately, slipping his cock between her labia and pressed down, causing her to shudder. She had to admit, after years of being second to him, letting him be the instigator, letting him ask for things that he wanted, since the night that he’d told her to go to Ryan, she’d been making the sexual decisions in their life — and even he mentioned that he was really liking the new dynamic.

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