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Camille Burrowes




I should have headed to the first day of my new job at Dynamic Medical half an hour ago, but just getting out the door was proving far more difficult than I’d imagined. Sure, nothing was physically stopping me from going.But when you have a trio of the hottest women on the planet all eager for your cock and a near limitless supply of stamina and what might be a limitless libido egging you on to breed them…well, you’d be a better man than I if you could resist it any better than I could.”Mmmf…Charles, sir…you’re so big…fuck! Oh my god, slow down, Daddy, or I’ll…nnnngh…!!” At the moment, Mia was on the receiving end of my cock, yet another orgasm forced out of her. The petite blonde was pushed up against the wall, one flexible leg raised up to rest her ankle on my shoulder, her other on tiptoe because of the stark difference in our heights. Not the most practical position, but perfect for letting me slam into her with just as much power as I wanted.Just a few days ago, Mia had been Mark, my good-for-nothing father. Thanks to the scientific breakthrough of a new kind of viral agent delivered via CRISPR-based gelatin capsules—I called them blue pills—he’d gone from being an overweight and balding man in his early 50s to the hottest piece of female jailbait I’d ever seen. She had the face of an angel, the perkiest B-cup breasts, a firm, round ass, and the tightest cunt I’d ever stuck my cock into.Best of all though, her mind was mine to mold as I pleased. Originally, I’d made her think she was my daughter, taking a perverse thrill in hearing her call me Daddy. I still loved that, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured that could attract the wrong kind of attention.So even if she was still calling me her Daddy while I fucked her brains out, in those addled brains, she was instead convinced that she was actually my little sister. Much easier to explain.”Here it comes. I’m cumming. Gonna fucking breed you!” I squeezed down on Mia’s throat, pushed my lips against her with a hard, firm kiss, my tongue dominating her mouth as fully as my cock was owning her womb, thick, sticky ropes of cum firing off deep inside of her.I held her like that for a long moment, savoring it, my cock slowly relaxing enough that I could pull it out of her. Mia’s legs gave out and she ended up on her knees. Her neck was marked red, her cheeks were wet with tears, and her head was rolling on her shoulders, her body totally exhausted.”Mmm…big bro…you’re so fucking good at that…” Mia said while looking up at me with the brightest, most pure smile I’d ever seen in my life.So damn cute, I was thinking I might go for a round four.”Master, may I?” Without waiting for permission, my maid Elle joined Mia on her knees, but she had her hands on my hips as she eagerly leaned forward and used her tongue to clean my cock.Just like Mia, Elle had been transformed by the blue pill. Before, she’d been an out of shape drug addict, her body in even worse shape than my father’s, but now she was…well, she was incredible. If Mia had the cutest, most doll-like face, then Elle looked like a goddess. High cheekbones, full lips, long eyelashes…and breasts big enough to fully wrap around and swallow my cock.”Dibs on Mia’s cunny!” My third girl, Kayla, exclaimed as she got on the floor and pushed her face between Mia’s legs, lapping up at the cum oozing out like a puppy.Kayla had been Mark’s mistress, the secretary at his old job. She’d been a 7/10 before, but under the influence of the blue pill, everything about her was just better. A thicker ass, a waist that was tight and lacked the muffintop from before, and the largest breasts of my trio. Not to mention her luxurious waves of crimson red hair framing her gorgeous face with those emerald-green eyes.Just looking down at my three women, my three slaves, I could feel my cock already getting harder. That was a side-effect of the medication I’d given myself. It differed from the one they’d taken: the blue pill formula was aggressive in the way it would repair damaged DNA, and left unchecked, it would “repair” an XY chromosome all the way into an XX chromosome, turning the subject fully female as it had done to Mia. The orange variant I had developed had gotten rid of that side-effect…with the new side-effect that it had nearly killed me.But since I had survived, I’d reaped all the benefits for myself. I was bigger, stronger, more virile, a total alpha male with a chiseled jaw and biceps that could easily lift all three of my girls up on one arm.And a sex drive that never turned off, it seemed.”Nnf, Elle, you’re too damn good at that. Get down on all fours so I can—”Ding, dong.Interrupting my little orgy was the doorbell. I exhaled sharply through my nostrils with annoyance, then glanced at the clock. I was late. No doubt that was Stephanie, my lab assistant and partner in crime, come to fetch me.”Mia, go ahead and get that. You two, go ahead and wrap both of those sets of melons around my cock.””Yes, Daddy,” Mia said as she bounced out of the room to answer the door.”Yes, Master,” Elle said as she leaned in close to me.”Love to!” Kayla wiped the cum from her chin and joined Elle in a heavenly double titjob.Meanwhile, Mia unsteadily got to her feet like a newborn deer, then went to answer the door.asianpornpussy.xxxI put my hands on top of Elle and Kayla’s heads, pulled them together so that they could lick the head of my cock together, their tongues intertwining lewdly as—”Who the HELL are you?!”That wasn’t Stephanie at the door.It was my Aunt. Her name was Rose, from my father’s side of the family.Aunt Rose was the only good thing about that side of the family. She was the one who encouraged me to get my degree in biochemical engineering. She’d helped me with tuition costs. She’d even helped me out when it came to getting my research position at my old campus and grant from NPC. I owed her more than I did any other person in the world for being where I was today.She was my father’s older sister, and though she kept herself in better shape than him, there was only so much that could be done to stop the passage of time. Her light blonde hair was now white, while her face had heavy lines at her cheeks and a bit of puffiness. Twenty years ago she had been a looker, but now she instead looked like a woman meant to be taken seriously more than anything.Her seeing a half-naked Mia wasn’t good.I struggled to get my pants zipped up as quickly as I could, whispered to Elle and Kayla, “Stay here. There’d be even more questions if she saw you.”Then I headed out to greet her.”Aunt Rose. What are you doing here?” I asked with a nervous smile that I hoped didn’t look too guilty.”And just who are you?” Her eyes were focused on me now, “…Charlie? Is that you?”I smiled. I’d gained sixty pounds of muscle and had the body of a Hollywood superhero now, it wasn’t a surprise she might not recognize me, “Yeah. I got really into…uh, the keto diet. And lifting. Lots of lifting.””I see…then could you tell me who this tart is?””I told you…I’m Mia!” Mia said with a pout, stamping her foot on the floor, not something she should have done when she was only wearing a large t-shirt with nothing on underneath.I grabbed Mia from behind, gave her arms a squeeze, “Yeah, this is Mia. My girlfriend.””Your girlfriend…” Rose didn’t seem as satisfied as I’d hoped with that answer.”Is…is that a problem?” I asked. Part of me worried that she could somehow figure out Mia’s former identity. Mia looked nothing like Mark anymore.Her eyes narrowed as she studied Mia, “She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. But with an empty head on her shoulders.”I swallowed. Of course there would be a powerful family resemblance. Genetically, she and Mia were now practically sisters.”And I’ve told you time and again, there are plenty of time for relationships after you have established yourself. I heard what happened at the university and quite frankly, I’m appalled at the way they treated you. But that’s no reason for you to lose sight of your real goals.” Rose continued.To my relief, it wasn’t that she was suspicious of Mia it seemed, but rather that she was disappointed in me. That was so much easier to work with.”It’s fine, Aunt Rose. I’ve already got a new job lined up. Dynamic Medical. In fact, I can’t chat long, or I’ll be late for my first day.” In truth, I was already half an hour late, but with Pao as my boss, I wasn’t too worried about it.”Well, that was reckless and stupid.” Aunt Rose said bluntly. She’d always been supportive, but in a very overbearing way. She saw potential in me, but thought that she was the only one who fully understood how to use that potential, “You should have come to me. You know I work for NPC. My team is going to be looking over the research you were doing and you could join as a junior member.”My jaw clenched. Junior member? It was my research! My breakthroughs! My life’s work and my property, to do with as I saw fit! Even if I owed her for supporting me growing up, asking me to take that kind of step down was beyond insulting.”That’s okay, Aunt Rose. The position they offered me at DM is pretty good. I’ll be working with Stephanie and I’ll be continuing in the same field, so—””You’re making a mistake. You’re far too young to be left to your own devices. This is your chance for us to work together. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”I stayed silent, wanting to choose my words carefully, before I said “I think that’s what you wanted, Aunt Rose. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to work.”I saw her nostrils flare, a clear signal that I’d struck a nerve. If it was my father, he’d have clocked me across the head. Aunt Rose was always more precise and methodical in her ways though, “Walk away from this conversation and you’re going to regret it, young man.””Goodbye, Aunt Rose.”We locked eyes for a long moment. All my life, that withering stare had been able to fill me with guilt and terror. This time though, she was the first to look away.”This isn’t over, Charlie,” she finally said before leaving, slamming the door on her way out.”It’s Charles, now,” I replied to the closed door, before letting out a sigh of relief.As I saw her car pull out, I looked at Mia. “Next time, be properly dressed before you answer the door. Or maybe just let Elle do it.””Okay, big bro…” Mia could hear the anger in my voice, and it was making her extra timid.She wasn’t the right target though. I rubbed her head, “Help out around the house today however you can, and I’ll play with you when I get back. Okay?”That brightened her face right up; we both knew that ‘play’ would involve some vigorous, sweaty exercise, “Yes, sir!””Good girl.”As I walked out the door and towards my car, I wondered to myself. Why was Aunt Rose so focused on me joining her team? And the way she was speaking about it, it was almost like she’d planned it. I knew that NPC was the one pulling funding from the campus lab…but could she have personally been responsible for that decision? And if so, could it be because she knew just how promising and lucrative my research was?Those worries stuck with me all the way to the DM building.Once I was inside though, I switched gears and could feel my palms sweating with anticipation to get back to work. Mindless sex was one thing, but nothing could replace the satisfaction I got from the research, especially not now that it had born so much fruit and opened up so many new questions to be answered.It took only a few minutes with security before I had my own lanyard. They even provided me with a pristine white labcoat, though there was the tradeoff that I needed to hand over my phone; they took security seriously here and didn’t want any risk of their latest research leaking to competitors. When I stepped into my own lab, I breathed in the sterile air and it smelled better to me than any mountain wilderness.”Time to make the magic happen,” I said to myself.I headed straight towards my workstation, itching to get started…and was promptly intercepted by Stephanie.”There you are! Dr. Pao has been looking all over for you,” the mousy brunette said.If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. Still, I didn’t think this interruption would go like the one with my Aunt Rose had.”Where is she now?” I asked.”In her office, but she told me to send you there just as soon as you came in. If you were going to come in at all.””All right. I’ll deal with her. While I’m doing that, I want you to prep three new viral agent samples with the blue pill formula, as well as get to work on creating a new batch of our current version.” I said as I strode towards the other exit.”Fine. Hurry back, please.” Stephanie didn’t like doing work alone, especially not with her shaky hands and absent-minded memory.I stopped, then loped towards her, grabbing her chin in my hand and pulling her up onto her tiptoes so that I could look right into her eyes from a few inches away, “Don’t forget that I’m your boss. Try and remember that.”Her mouth opened and out came a submissive moan. If she’d had a crush on me before, the changes I’d undergone had thrown them into overdrive, “Y-yes, sir!””Good girl.” I released her, then made my way towards Pao’s office.When I opened the door, the smell of sex hit me.Pao was behind her desk, one leg propped up, her blouse unbuttoned, her bra pulled up, and her bottoms completely discarded. With one hand, she was squeezing and massaging her new, youthful tits, and the other was pumping in and out of her pussy at a rapidfire pace.The blue pill had done a real number on her. Yesterday, she had been wire-thin, almost bony, her face all hard angles. Today, she was curvy. Hourglass curvy, with wide hips and large, soft, elastic breasts that flowed out of her hand with every movement. Her face had become rounder, her almond skin shinier, her lips full and glossy. She’d already been short, but her height with those curves was making me already get hard.”Oh…mmff…Mr. White…please…harder, harder…” Her eyes were closed, and she was so lost in her fantasy that she hadn’t even realized I’d come into the room.How fun.I quietly shut the door behind me, then creeped up behind her. I watched from above as she lost herself in the pleasure for a moment, then leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Dr. Pao, Stephanie said you wanted to see me?””…O-oh my! Mr. White?!” She snapped back to her senses in a flash, nearly falling out of her seat in the process as she pulled her leg off of her desk and hunched forward to try and hide her naked front, fingers quickly but clumsily working to get her blouse buttoned back up.I took my time walking back around the desk, and I was impressed that she had at least gotten most of the buttons on her blouse done up, though the ones that hadn’t been buttoned put an extremely generous amount of cleavage on display for me.Her cheeks were flushed and I could tell she definitely didn’t want me to say anything about the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything below the waist.”I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” I asked with a fake innocence.Her blush got even brighter, but she soldiered on, “That was…it was rather inappropriate of me. Please keep it between the two of us.””Of course. You can trust me on that,” I reassured her.She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”Trust. With the hypnotic suggestion I’d given her, she would trust me with her PIN number if I asked her.”Now, what was it you called me here for? I have important work to do.”She shook her head side to side, trying to focus, “Yes. Right. That is…I called you here…because…”Because she wanted to jump my bones, no doubt.”Dr. Pao, are you trying to seduce me?” I asked with mock outrage.”N-n-no! Of course not! I would never…” she trailed off, turning her chair around, looking up at me with trembling lips, “I mean…unless…you might be okay with that?”I clenched my fist. It was taking a surprising amount of willpower to not bend her over that desk and fuck her into submission. But if kept giving into these urges, it would be harder and harder each time to resist. If I allowed myself to be distracted now when I had higher intellectual pursuits in front of me, I very well could turn into a mindless brute.”I’ll tell you what, Dr. Pao. Why don’t you come back to the lab with me? You can help out with some of the tests I need to run. After all, you’re a test subject now too, aren’t you?” I put my hand on her head and lightly scratched.She let out a moan that was very nearly a purr, “Mmm…yes, sir…””Sir…I like that.” I left her there and headed back towards the office door, “Make yourself decent and then meet me in the lab…Jian.”She sucked in a breath sharply through her nose like I’d just slapped her on the ass, “Y-yes, sir.”I decided to push it, “And Jian? You’re not allowed to cum without my permission.”She sank back into her chair and squirmed. I couldn’t see her hands, but I had no doubt they were back between her legs, “Yes, sir…!”I chuckled, shook my head, and headed back to the lab. My erection wasn’t going down, but I didn’t have time for a cold shower.Back in the lab, I went right to work. Having an experienced researcher like Pao working with me made things go even faster than I had imagined. She not only knew the newer, more advanced equipment I’d been provided with inside and out, but her understanding of genetic manipulation was almost as impressive as my own.More than that though, I was calling the shots. I would have a thought, express it, and then Pao and Stephanie would hop to make it happen. It was a far cry from the slow, frustrating experience I’d had back at the campus where I was constantly being told my ideas were too dangerous, too unethical, or just too downright outlandish, forcing me to do the real bulk of my work in the off hours.As we were getting started, I asked Jian, “Are there any security cameras on us?”She shook her head, “No, sir. Corporate espionage being what it is, no cameras are allowed in the room. They even soundproofed all of the labs so that recording devices in external rooms couldn’t pick up conversations.”I rubbed my chin, “Interesting. Then let’s get a bit more comfortable in here. Take off everything but the labcoat.””E-excuse me?” Her face went bright red.freelivesex69.comI leaned in close, put my hand on the back of her neck, “Take off everything but the labcoat. I want to see those fat tits of yours swinging around while you work.”She whimpered, bit down on her lower lip, and futilely tried to resist before inevitably giving in, “Yes, sir.”She folded her lab coat over a chair, then began to work pulling up her sweater. I watched in awe as she tugged and struggled, her giant breasts rising up higher and higher against the tight fabric, until they dropped with a natural, hypnotic bounce. No bra underneath.Next came her skirt, her ass wiggling side to side as she slowly lowered it down her hips. No panties either. I wondered just how much of a secret exhibitionist Pao had been before taking the blue pill.She bent over to remove her three-inch heels, but I stopped her, “Keep the heels, stocking and garter. The lab coat goes back on. Now come on, we’ve got work to do.”Her thighs squeezed together before she threw the lab coat back on. From behind, she looked perfectly innocent, but absolutely everything was on display from the front, “Yes, sir!”Pao’s body was even better in full view than I had imagined. The sight of her parading around like that provided an extra edge of motivation to finish the work and start the fun. Together, all three of us focused on our tasks at hand.

Camille Burrowes


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