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Katherine Alford




Essay on “Glory”
Several years ago in our school there was a class hour on the topic of choosing a profession. Then, thinking about their future, many of my classmates said that they dreamed of becoming famous artists, soccer players, or bloggers. I myself also expressed a desire to be a singer, but then I wondered.
Almost everyone of us chose a public profession and decided not just to succeed in it, but to become popular. Only a few said they use wanted to work in a factory or a school. So why was fame so attractive to us?
It is probably because we are used to following and admiring the lives of famous people on television every day. Dizzying success, armies of fans, constant photo shoots and interviews. It all seems so tempting, and we buy essays for sale long to be on the other side of the screen.
But dreaming of fame, we often forget how difficult the path to it is and how high the price of fame can be. Often, future stars go through a series of failures before receiving their first awards. They listen to a lot of criticism in their address, often remain without work and without means of livelihood.
Then, having achieved the desired goal, they somehow still do not always become happy. The situation is overshadowed by a rigid work schedule and a complete lack of privacy, because everywhere the star is followed by the paparazzi. People  do my paper around often begin to look for the benefits of communicating with a celebrity, resorting to blackmail and deception. Creative growth is hindered by obligations to producers or agents.
My parents told me about the other side of popularity when we were discussing my future profession. Before I did not look at these things from this angle, but now the situation seems obvious to me. No fame and no money can be more valuable than sincere human relationships and a quiet life away from the sights of photo and video cameras.
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Katherine Alford


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