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Teachers often ask students to write an essay, the difficulty is that there are no uniform requirements for it, so students have questions: how to write an essay, where to find a sample and an outline of the essay, how many should be included in it. There are a few general rules that will be useful in preparing such a work.
The term came to the language from French and literally means a sample, an attempt, an essay. First of all, an essay is not an academic work, but a journalistic genre in which famous writers and journalists worked. Creative do my history homework characterize it as a “stream of consciousness”: there are no specific requirements for it, the goal is to reflect the thoughts and ideas of the author in a free form.
Practice shows that any essay (both literary and student) is characterized by the following: each essay has a specific and fairly narrow topic (often it is constructed in the form of an expanded response to a polemical question); reflects specifically the author’s position, not a general view of the subject; the task of the author – to argue his opinion on the algebra homework help, giving the necessary evidence; the text should contain new thoughts and ideas, not a repetition of already known; most often written not in a strictly scientific, but in the popular scientific or journalistic style.
To write a beautiful and interesting paper, it is necessary to outline the stages of the essay. The process consists of the following steps: choosing a topic; studying relevant materials; planning the essay; formulating your own position; selecting arguments; preparing a conclusion; drawing up the work.
Tip: any essay will be embellished by a relevant quotation. Also, choose one that accurately reflects your position and belongs to a famous person.
Moreover, as in any other work, one of the most difficult parts of the essay is the beginning. The introduction should not be verbose, otherwise the reader will quickly lose interest in the rest of the text.
The key to a good work is an intriguing beginning that immediately surprises the reader and makes him or her continue reading. Examples of essay beginnings: a non-trivial quotation; paradox; controversial statement; an ambiguous fact.
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Darlene Taylor


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