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Travelnista – Famous Tourist Spots in Indonesia


Travelnista – Bandung is the capital city of West Java province. The city has forever sparked the interest of both local and international travelers with its culinary excursions, shopping outings and nature excursions. There are lots of vacation spots in Bandung, so travelers can’t be short of ideas for places to stop by. – That is the reason, this city has become one of the main sightseeing purposes in West Java while on vacation. Located which is quite close to Jakarta, making it a vacation spot for residents of the capital city.


Travelnista – This problem is also made easy because there is a Cipularang toll road which cuts the time spent from Jakarta to Bandung to approximately 2-3 hours. Transportation to the city of Bandung is also not small, travelers can use travel agencies, trains or buses between cities and provinces to get to this city.



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