Seeing Green this St. Patrick’s Day?

Spring is in bloom! Green grass, green trees, maybe even a green beverage on St Patrick’s Day! But what are you doing to keep more green in your pocket? Americans are missing out on millions of dollars simply by NOT doing some routine maintenance or upgrades to their homes and home appliances.

What can homeowners do?

Routine Appliance Maintenance:

Just like your car, your home appliances need routine maintenance to keep running efficiently. Properly maintained appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, washers and dryers not only cost less to run, but also last longer. Upgrading old equipment to high-efficiency models can provide significant energy savings and may even pay for themselves in savings.

Check for Leaks:

Leaks in a faucet or a running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day. A leak can literally flush your money down the drain.  Leaks are not always obvious and many times are discovered after an abnormal water bill. Be vigilant – don’t wait for a high utility bill to take action.

Smarten Up Your Home:

Recent advancements in home technology can make any house a “smart home” for a reasonable price. Upgrading your thermostat to be more programmable or using a real time energy monitor can really put your home’s energy consumption into perspective.

Watch for Electricity Vampires:

Any appliance that has a light when “off”, such as TVs, computers, game consoles and other gadgets, are electricity vampires. They suck up electricity even when they are not in use. Simply plug any non-essential appliance into a power strip for easy powering on and off.

Already have a problem or don’t know where to start? Give us a call! We can help put some gold back into your pot!