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Homeowners Beware

Homeowners  should be very careful before choosing a heating and cooling contractor for their home. There are huge differences in quality and professionalism throughout the industry. The "best" contractors will typically be members of one or more professional contractor associations. You should be looking for contractors who are well-educated and certified in three particular [...]

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You won’t believe what YOU are breathing!

Have you ever broken your vacuum cleaner bag as you were disposing it or looked at canister of debris before dumping it? This should provide an accurate picture of what type of air the typical homeowner is breathing in their homes.

Every home's duct work leaks! Every time your furnace runs more things are sucked into [...]

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Does Your HVAC System Suffer From High Blood Pressure?

It's often said  that your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner is the heart of your comfort system. Following the analogy further, your air ducts are its veins & arteries.
And just like high blood pressure is bad for your heart, high “duct static pressure” is bad for your heating and cooling system, your comfort [...]

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Solutions for hot and cold rooms

Have you ever wondered why some rooms are not as comfortable as others, and sometimes an entire floor can be uncomfortable? This can be very frustrating however, the good news is it can be fixed. There are many reasons why this happens, but the most common issue is air flow. When an HVAC system is [...]

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Consider these tips before purchasing a new AC

During the hot summer months it's typical to experience greater humidity and heat in your home. Before replacing or repairing your air conditioning unit consider these tips. You will want to do some homework before buying equipment. First, choosing the right service company to do the installation is very important. Going with the cheapest price [...]

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The Good and Bad of Recessed Can Lighting

Today many homes have a lighting fixture called a recessed can light. While these are a great accessory in a home and are often used to purpose light into an area without being seen, they can also add to your indoor air quality issues.


Originally developed in the 1930's these lights were used sparingly and mostly [...]

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Back to School

As our kids head back to school, it’s important to keep them healthy. We feed them a hearty breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, do homework and get them in bed by 9:00 pm, so we can do the same routine tomorrow. We love to see our kids smiling faces and we keep our fingers [...]

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3 Tips For Cleaner Indoor Air

The Environmental Protection Agency says most of us spend over 90% of the time indoors, and that the indoor air is usually over 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma plague many families.Their suffering is often made worse by the air in their home. While many issues like poisonous carbon monoxide gas are [...]

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Control Your Home’s AC From Anywhere

The thermostat on your wall is the most visible part of your home’s comfort system – and also offers the easiest way to cut energy costs. If you adjust the setting whenever you don’t need your home to be as warm in winter or cool in summer, you will save real money on your utility bills. How [...]

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Too Hot? Too Cold?

Now that summer is here, does your AC seem to run non-stop? Do you have rooms or entire floors that are uncomfortably hot? Does the house seem clammy and uncomfortable even though the AC is on?

The cause may be your duct system. The Department Of Energy states that the typical duct system loses an astounding [...]

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