We've all done it. We forget the small things that can become a big problem.

Remember the last time you forgot to set your alarm? Or even worse.... the night you forgot to charge your phone.

As tragic as these forgetful days seem, they are not life changing.

A few of the easy to forget items below can be a different story.

Change Your Furnace Filters
I know. I get it. I really do. Right after the holiday season we're all feeling sluggish from the festivities, and have to put away our holiday decorations. Where do they go? Back where they belong? Nah.... we just dump them in the basement or in the attic making an obstacle course to the furnace. Fight your way through the tangles of lights, trees, and regret to get that filter changed. If you're not willing to brave it yourself, call us and we'll brave it for you.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Let’s start with something most people don't know. CO detectors have a shelf life. The average CO detector lasts around 5 years. After this, a new CO detector needs to be installed. With that said, they should all be tested once a year by a professional. Get on the horn and give us a call. (Pro-Tip: Have the test done the same time every year during mild weather.)

Get New Batteries For Your Smoke Detector
This one is easy! Press and hold the test button on the smoke detector for a few seconds. If it emits a screaming siren, the smoke detector is good to go. If the noise is weak or no sound is emitted, replace the batteries. Batteries can now be purchased that are intended to last 10 years in smoke detectors. When using the long-lasting batteries, you should still test each detector every 6 months.

Clean Out Your Dryer Vent
The fact that your dryer is taking an extra hour to dry your clothes is a key indicator that your vent is clogged. Don't just go down to the basement and restart the dryer. Unplug the unit. Detach the vent tubing and use a Shop-Vac to clean it out. Next, head to the outdoor dryer vent and make sure there is nothing blocking it. Reattach the vent tubing. Plug in the unit. BOOM! No more damp clothes.

Spring Forward
Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12th at 2am. Don't forget to set your clock!