Stepped up to Home Performance Contracting? When front line co-workers such as service techs and CSR’s really get on board the results are astounding! With this new class, it’s no longer necessary to send them to four days of BPI prep training to “get it”.

Learning Objectives

The strategic objectives of this intensive training are to overcome resistance to change, gain HPC buy-in throughout the entire company, and ensure massive success in generating HPC testing and repair opportunities.  This seven hour crash course is presented using a dynamic learning structure alternating between:

  • Professional motivational lectures (each under 60 minutes) 
  • Round-table brainstorming with other participants and whiteboarding
  • Role playing of how to explain the testing opportunity to homeowners. 
  • Video testimonials of happy homeowners

Participants learn how duct and thermal envelope issues are often the true cause of customer comfort, dust and efficiency complaints they hear every day – and how promoting HPC testing truly serves the customer while taking many “monkeys off their backs”.

CSR’s and Sales Lead Coordinators learn how to convert incoming telephone duct cleaning requests, hot/cold room service requests and replacement leads into Home Performance Assessments.

All attendees learn how to use all the CI. Member HPC consumer education tools and resources such as the iPad app, videos on the website, Survey Cards, Replacement System Investment Quiz and Fact Sheets. They leave with solid recommended phrases to say and flow to follow, and a clear handle on what to do going forward to support their company’s HPC initiative.

Who Should Attend?

  • Service & Maintenance Techs
  • Service Dispatch CSR’s 
  • Replacement Sales Lead Coordinators (if your company is willing to offer the test option to replacement system buyers) 
  • Replacement system sales Comfort Advisors, 
  • Lead Installers
  • Other office support staff
  • Owners/department managers/owner spouses should attend to both learn new information as well as use the opportunity for team building and creating momentum. 
  • Comfort Advisors who have attended other more advanced CI Home Performance training and have already bought in and are doing HPC testingare also encouraged to attend as a refresher and accompany their other Team Members.