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HomePerformanceMarketingThis class is designed to help a contractor move performance contracting into their everyday business, you will learn how to gain buy in from service technicians and CSRs, keep them motivated and why it is important to do so. Other conventional marketing is touched on with an emphasis on home performance contracting. Whether you choose to go all in with total Home Performance Contracting or just focusing on the duct system, you will walk away with insight on how to grow your business.

What You Will Learn

  • How to get maximum buy-in to support Home Performance from Service Techs and CSRs
  • Pricing and complexity options for Home Performance testing, from no charge to $2000
  • Spiff reward options to incentivize Techs and CSRs
  • How to integrate testing and test pricing with any local rebate programs
  • What does NOT work to generate Home Performance Assessment leads
  • Options for converting replacement equipment bid requests into Home Performance Assessment tests
  • How to implement CI Pre-Appointment Education and Positioning systems


  • How to use the Home Performance Contracting to “own the best neighborhoods”
  • Referral request techniques
  • How to maximize results at home shows
  • Effective Home Performance TV & Radio advertising
  •  HPC Website SEO and content, social networking techniques


Who Should Attend?

Comfort Consultants


Class Fee: $300

  • Discounted Rates: (One day only)
  • Discounted Rates: 507 (One day only)
  • Comfort Institute Members: No Charge
  • CI Duct Performance Experts: No Charge
  • Aeroseal Dealers: $150 (for 507 only)
  • Aeroseal Dealers (with 506): $255
  • Ask about other affiliation discounts/rebates
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee




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