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Want success in Home Performance? While technical knowledge is the foundation, nothing will get sold until you can consistently create HP testing leads. This intensive workshop will get you on the right track and share what is working for CI Member companies around the country.


What You Will Learn


  • Geared towards the Service Techs and CSRs
  • Overcome resistance to change and gain Home Performance buy-in
  • How duct & thermal envelope issues are often the true cause of customer comfort, dust and efficiency complaints Techs and CSRs hear every day
  • How promoting HPC testing truly serves the customer and can generate leads
  • The four scenarios on service calls where HP testing can be successfully offered
  • How to convert incoming telephone duct cleaning requests, hot/cold room service requests and replacement leads into Home Performance Assessments
  • Participants role play solid recommended phrases to say and the flow to follow, and a clear handle on what to do going forward to support their company’s HPC initiative


Who Should Attend?


Front-line Service Technicians

Service Dispatch CSRs

Sales Lead Coordinators


  • All attendees learn how to use all the CI Member HPC consumer education tools and resources such as the iPad app, videos on the website, Survey Cards, Replacement System Investment Quiz and Fact Sheets
  • Managers/owners and Comfort Consultants should also attend Day One to both learn new information and use the opportunity for team building and creating momentum


Class Fee: $300 Discounted Rates: (One day only)

  • Comfort Institute Members: No Charge
  • CI Duct Performance Experts: No Charge
  • Aeroseal Dealers: for 506 only: $150
  • Aeroseal Dealers (with 507): $255
  • Ask about other affiliation discounts or rebates
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee



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