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This intensive two-day workshop is for Comfort Consultants doing HomePerformance Assessments (HPA). Owners and Sales Managers should also attend.  (Advisors will get more value if they attend technical training and the 502 Lead Generation Class prior to attending this workshop.)

What You Will Learn

  • Preparation before walking up the driveway
  • How to quickly establish rapport; get on first name basis
  • How to perform the pre-test interview integrated with the walk around
  • How to get the truth when asking “how long do you plan to live here”
  • How to sell testing at the kitchen table to replacement buyers
  • Ways to handle common objections or keep them from coming up
  • How to present test results in layman’s language
  • The words to NOT use in the home
  • How to “tell the smoke story”call
  • Tips on using the tools to create the greatest impact
  • Best ways to “show, not just tell”
  • How to play all the “dirty air cards”
  • How to present issues the testing uncovers as “opportunities” not “problems”
  • How to integrate the Home Performance Assessment with a replacement sales call
  • How to create a replacement sale on a HPA
  • How to explain to homeowners why new high efficiency AC is more affected by infiltration and duct leakage
  • How to use all the CI consumer education tools in the home
  • What to say to “torpedo” the competition who isn’t testing
  • How to increase your closing ratio and average sale by “packaging” instead of “a la carte”
  • How to use the CI Duct Leakage Reduction Guarantee
  • How to use the CI Referral Request system to ask for referrals,




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