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This three-day intensive technical class focuses on the problems and opportunities created by duct leakage, poor design and installation. In addition, this class covers other duct system challenges: e.g. high static pressure, low air flow, poor insulation, poor terminal selection, closed door pressure imbalances. The participant will have an understanding of airflow, how to design/size and install a duct system, how too properly use a ductulator for sizing and back engineering and why it is important to have a proper size duct.

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NEW from Comfort Institute!

All attendees will receive a Comfort Institute Duct Performance
Certification by completing and receiving a passing grade on our
certification exam. All attendees will also have the option to take
the Retrotec DTC exam for an additional $75.

Why You Should Attend
Today, many homeowners experience problems that HVAC equipment cannot solve.
A contractor who understands the “House as a System” approach, has a “leg up” on the competition.

Participants in this class leave with a better understanding of how problems can be diagnosed and what they can do to repair them. This class covers a great deal of technical information, but attendees will also learn basic lead generating and lead converting techniques.

BPI CEU for 102 Course
Who should attend

  • Owners/Managers
  • Comfort Consultants
  • Technicians
  • Lead Installers

Class Fee: $600
Discounted Rates:
Comfort Institute Members: No Charge
CI Duct Performance Partners: No Charge
Aeroseal Dealers: $510
100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


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