101-home-performance-bootcamp101 Class Flyer

 Earn your Comfort Institute Home Performance Certification


This four-day intensive technical class is for HVAC contractors stepping up to Home & Duct Performance. Participants learn the fundamental skills to perform diagnostics and repair.  They will also learn the requirements and be prepared for the BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional online certification exams that are given on day five.


In order to be certified through CI/Aeroseal the participant will take the written exams for the BPI certification if they pass the minimum requirements. No field exam is required for the CI/Aeroseal certification.


If a participant wants the BPI certification and have passed the written exam they have one year to take the field exam required by BPI




Junior high school math, it is recommended that the participant has witnessed a blower door test on a home; while it is not required the participant will have a greater learning ability if they have seen one.


CI Members & CI Duct Performance Experts are given access to CI’s library of DVDs/Videos and a recommended viewing list prior to the class


Already BPI certified: This class qualifies for 18 BPI CEUs.


Class Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Building Science
  • House as a System interactions
  • Rules of air, heat and moisture flow
  • Air infiltration driving forces
  • Construction, pressure, & energy terminology
  • Infiltration/duct leakage/closed door impacts on building pressures
  • How dust, humidity, comfort, utility bills & CO enter the home
  • How to interpret Blower Door test results
  • How to determine Thermal/Pressure boundaries
  • How to perform Series Pressure Diagnostics
  • Infra-red camera use and interpretation
  • How to perform BPI Carbon Monoxide, spillage, CAZ depressurization & vent draft testing
  • Air infiltration repair materials
  • Insulation properties, R-values and U-factors
  • Attic & crawl space renovation processes
  • Utility bill disaggregation, baseload savings
  • BPI BA & EP Standards interpretation
  • The fundamentals of the DTC (duct testing) certification protocols for the field exam