It's official - even though it may not feel like it outside, spring has arrived. Now is the time to tackle some of the "projects" that old winter may have left behind.

  • Clean the Gutters - Check to make sure your gutters are still attached properly and are hole free. Gutters are an integral piece of your home's well being. They serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. Clogged gutters can also cause mosquito infestations, mold and mildew from decomposed leaves and other problems.
  • Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced - The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly. Read more at
  • Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Now is the time to ensure both devices are working properly with fresh batteries installed. This can be a matter of life or death - don't skip this chore.
  • Seal Holes Where Insects and Varmints Can Get In - Examine the foundation of your home and look for any little openings that would allow access. Insects and other unwanted visitors can reek havoc in your house.
  • Clean Refrigerator and Dryer Coils - This is a simple task that should be done twice a year to improve efficiency and reduce electrical hazards.

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