Oh man, is it hot in here or what? Thats the last thing you want to be hearing this summer. I have experienced some very high temperatures (120+ in Kuwait and Iraq). You learn to get used to it under those conditions but should you really torture yourself when there are products available to you. I think not.


Everyones home is slightly different. Everyones lifestyle is slightly different. For that, we require options! And when central cooling systems are not for you, whether its the design of the home restricting this or its your budget, there are still options so you aren't left sweating. Lets compare the old window unit to the new ductless mini splits.


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Window Units


While you never know whats going on behind closed doors, one thing you can quickly see is how the air is being cooled inside. It wont take long during the summer months to spot a window unit. On an apartment, a home, trailers, hotels, etc. they are just "hanging out" if you will. Not the most aesthetic thing for your home but they get the job done and all that matters is you are happy.




  • Cheapest option. Window units are the cheapest way to provide conditioned air. A simple fan is obviosuly the cheapest way t o feel cooler but it doesnt truly condition the air.
  • Very easy to install. You can do this task by yourself or with a friend if you are worried about your back.
  • If you frequently move then you can easily take them with you to your next residence.




  • Tend to be noisy. So if this thing is hanging out in your living room you might consider a speaker system before you blow out your TV speakers. Newer units are becoming much quieter but you'll tend to pay more for that convenience.
  • Bulky - they take up half of an entire window... If you have a nice looking landscape or yard, you may have just lost the view. I did stumble across this Noria Ultra Compact Window Unit that looks a little more promising though.
  • When on the first floor, they provide burglars an easier method of breaking in. Window units are not secured very well in most cases. Take it from me, many times I was that high school kid who left their keys at home, meaning inside locked doors. These window units solved that problem. Man was I upset when we got our Central System fixed and I got left out in the heat.
  • Not the most eye appealling from the outside. Unless your into that look of course. To each their own.
  • You either cut out a spot in your wall for it to sit and plan to keep it forever or you need window access. Therefore a room like the one below, it would not work. Full sized glass provides no room for a window unit.



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Ductless AC


Looks like someone got tired of those loud, bulky machines and decided a central cooling system wasn't for them. These units are really catching on and can be seen in many different spaces; in your home or even at work.




  • They can be placed virtually anywhere. You pick the wall or ceiling and it can go there. This adds versatility to your cooling equipment.
  • Operate from a remote. No longer are you getting up to adjust a thermostat (unless you're already using a wireless thermostat that is). Sit back, relax and change the temperature as you desire from the seat of your couch.
  • Very quiet. It might be on and you dont even know it.
  • Cool multiple rooms with a single unit.
  • You dont lose your window view. This is a two parter, since your window isnt being used then you can take in all of that beautiful landscaping but additionally you dont need to worry about the security you lose with a window unit.
  • Since they are hanging, overhead in most cases, they are minimally invasive meaning you can place furniture and other furnishing in most places without worry.




  • They cost up to twice that of a window unit
  • Require a qualified tech to install



So what will you be putting in your home? The choice is yours! Whatever your cooling system may be, if you are still needing to use other sources such as floor fans to get certain rooms a little cooler... I would recommend getting with a professional to have your system checked. If it is set up correctly and your house is working as intended then you should not have this issue. And a check up is a whole lot cheaper in the long run than buying a fan and running it, one of these window units or a ductless unit.