Now more than ever, it seems like the term “Internet of Things” or IOT for short is popping up everywhere, and the HVAC industry is no exception.


From the automated home vision to smart thermostats like Nest, IOT is changing HVAC. As an HVAC contractor, it can be a lot to digest, but there are also tremendous opportunities for business growth.


In a recent article on ACHR News, ACHR contributor Nicole Krawcke explored to the use of IOT to develop built-in diagnostics for improving service. Krawcke quotes Trane Product Manager Jim Lowell explaining the benefits of this innovation, “Technology now allows us to monitor, measure, and diagnose equipment in more ways than ever before. It’s what our customers want: technology to make their job of diagnosing equipment faster, easier, and more accurate.”


Supporting this trend, HVAC equipment manufacturers are integrating Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities in their products. One example is our sister brand Aeroseal.


In 2018, Aeroseal launched the next generation of its duct sealing technology: HomeSeal Connect. It integrated Internet of Things (IOT) to make duct sealing faster and more efficient for HVAC and performance contractors.


Download the Aeroseal HomeSeal Connect product brochure here.


Another example of Internet of Things (IOT) changing HVAC are software tools like Service Titan. Software is helping contractors make smarter decisions about their businesses to impact sales.


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