Consistent Support Of Home Performance

Since its inception, CI has unwaveringly held that good HVAC contractors must go well “beyond the box” in order to serve their homeowner clients. Being good on equipment and ducts is not good enough. Discomfort, excess dust, poor IAQ and high utility bills have many causes. CI has also always helped its members understand the complex impact of air infiltration, the house thermal envelope, and interactive building science issues.


When researching a training provider, take the time to investigate their long term history in the marketplace.  Ask if they have always been a full supporter of “home performance” and “building science” and “blower doors”, or if this new add-on represents a marked change from their history. Some now profess to support Home Performance, yet have a documented history of actively discouraging HVAC contractors from getting involved, until recent marketplace trends have made it inevitable.

31 Years Proven Experience

Many new players claim they can help you get involved with Home Performance.  Only Comfort Institute has a 31 year track record.


Founder and CEO Brendan Reid is one of the pioneers of the Home Performance industry.  He participated in some of the earliest building science research and training in 1980 in Canada, where much of our current understanding of how the house works as a system originated. He founded Retrotec, the world’s  first commercial blower door instrument manufacturer in 1982.


By 1986, he had determined that HVAC contractors are the most appropriate trade to take on whole house performance diagnostics and repair. He was the first to show the HVAC industry how to use this new understanding to increase customer satisfaction, and revenues.  In 1998, he founded Comfort Institute with the specific mission to build a network of the best HVAC contractors in North America, to improve their professionalism and profits through Home and Duct Performance.

Comfort Institute Is The Originator

Comfort Institute is the only organization which can claim to be the first Home Performance training organization for the HVAC industry. Just as HVAC companies often spawn their own competition, by training people and then have them leave, Comfort Institute has trained contractors who then hang their shingle as a “training expert”. In addition to determining how long a provider has been offering training, find out where they got their training. Most will have to admit that their first in-depth training on Home Performance came from Comfort Institute.

Setting the Standard with BPI

Building Performance Institute (BPI) develop standards for energy efficiency on solid building science.  Comfort Institute provides initial and ongoing training to maximize BPI standards in your business.

CI’s training and support is specifically created to meet the unique needs of good HVAC contractors expanding in this direction. It covers all the technical aspects: basic BPI knowledge, advanced testing, envelope and crawlspace repair, duct system performance diagnostics and repair, advanced IAQ and real world psychrometrics from a building science perspective and more. Training is also provided in all the needed ways: seminar style classes, hands-on learning, streaming video, in-field at your place of business and on-going phone coaching and video updates. When investigating a provider, be sure to identify all elements and compare.


Technical knowledge is only part of the solution. CI also provides the needed marketing and sales training & systems.  Without knowing how to use this new knowledge into your HVAC business, the instruments will likely gather dust.

Build Your Brand, Not Someone Else’s

Smart HVAC contractors know that their trucks should have their name on them, not the logos of the manufacturers they represent. the same should apply to Home Performance affiliation. Some new home performance training providers are franchises, which require that you promote their brand on your literature, websites, trucks, and overall positioning in the market. Then, if you (the contractor franchisee) decide to terminate the relationship, all the investment you have made benefits the new franchisee they sign up who comes in behind you.


This strategy is a smart move for the franchiser, but probably not for the franchisee. It may be an OK move for a start up company, a small remodeler, insulator or a basement waterproofing company. Those kinds of companies don’t have much if any existing brand to protect and promote. The same is not true for an established HVAC service company.  By partnering with CI as a CI Member, we help you build your brand, not someone else’s.


Are you an HVAC service - replacement contractor planning to step up to Home & Duct Performance? You will need a training and coaching partner.  Comfort Institute is your best choice.