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2015 Comfort Institute Webinars On Home & Duct Performance

Hosted by Brendan Reid

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Watch Date Description
Watch Video Feb. 27 The Two-Person Team Approach

Even modest amounts of Home Performance testing take time, and are resisted by salespeople. There are many advantages to having two people on-site when doing Home Performance testing, the most common being the lead salesperson with a “zipper on his or her mouth” helper.
In this session, Brendan will share the many ways CI members pull this off and solid tips on how you can make this work best to increase sales and profits.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Mar. 13 The Attic & Crawlspace Inspections

There’s a lot that can be done and documented when going into the attic or crawlspace. This session lays out a step by step process with checklists of what instruments and tools to bring with you, what to do, and what to take pictures/video of.
Whether your company only performs Duct Renovations, or also provides full Home Performance repairs, this will give valuable tips on how to make the inspections productive.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Mar. 27 Why High-Efficiency Equipment Is Most Affected By Bad Ducts

Hooking up a new high-efficiency HVAC system to a low-efficiency undersized leaky duct system makes no sense. In this session Brendan will teach how to explain in laymans’ terms how the old ducts interact with new variable speed blowers and multi-stage equipment and create call backs and unhappy customers.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Apr. 17 Duct Leakage Demonstration and Explanation Techniques

Almost every duct system leaks and is worth sealing. However, when asked to part with the necessary cash to make the investment, most homeowners understandably need some proof and persuasion.
In this session, Brendan will share the easiest and most effective ways to visually show a customer that they have a great opportunity, without turning each visit into a “testing science project”. You’ll also learn simple ways to engage the customer and help them understand the importance of the repairs.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video May 1 How To Tell The Smoke And IR Story

The most effective and memorable part of a Home Performance Assessment is the smoke and IR camera survey while the blower door is running. In this session Brendan will share the tips on the sequence to follow, what to look for and show, and what to say to ensure the customer “gets it”.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video May 15 HVAC 101: How To Set The Stage For Duct and Envelope Sales On Replacement Calls

Homeowners can absorb new information when shopping for new equipment, but not all at once. Successful members report that the earlier the concepts of duct performance and envelope improvements are brought into the conversation, the better the results.
In this session Brendan will share ways to build this information gradually and matter-of-factly into the conversation. You will hear of new approaches to flipping around the sequence of a typical replacement call.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video May 29 Dust: What Are The Best Solutions?

This session explains how Duct and HPC testing and repairs help clients who think they need duct cleaning or better filter. Basic tips on what questions to ask and how to lead the customer down the right path will be provided.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Jun. 12 Analogies To Explain Home and Duct Performance

It is essential to translate HVAC and Home & Duct Performance technical terms and concepts into laypersons’ language. The best tend to be Automotive, Medical and Sports analogies.
In this session, Brendan will share the many ways to keep it simple and understandable. You’ll hear about Toyota Prius’ and Formula One race cars; leaky gas tanks and underinflated tires; new engines and old transmissions, buckets of air and beach-balls; windy days and time lapse photography; and much more.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Jun. 26 Even Tight Ducts Need Sealing

"How tight is “tight enough?” With many duct systems having over 30% leakage, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that one that leaks “only 10% - 15%” d1oesn’t benefit from sealing. Or, to be satisfied when we reduce a 30% leaky system down to 10% using mastic. It doesn’t help when some jurisdictions like California only require getting down to 15% leakage on change-outs. While new IECC codes are more stringent, they still permit significant leakage – levels that would be totally unacceptable if permitted by the plumbing or electrical trades.
In this webinar, Brendan will share why this defeatist thinking does the customer no favors. He’ll explain how a 10% leakage system can still lose over 150 Goodyear blimps-full of conditioned air each year – and suck in the equivalent amount of dirty hot or cold air from attics, garages and crawlspaces. Your team will come away with a greater appreciation for the importance of aiming for near-zero duct leakage, and not being satisfied with a still leaky duct system. The result will be a greater willingness to recommend duct sealing, and a greater dedication to achieving the best results possible.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Jul. 10 How To Cool the 2nd Floor – Part One

One of the most common summertime comfort complaints is “we’re boiling in our bedrooms and freezing on the bottom floor!” This is often called “stratification”. While it can happen in almost any house style, this is a chronic problem for multi-story homes with only one system down low, supplying air from floor registers. “Basement” style houses in the Northeast and Midwest, with internal duct systems, are notorious. In this multiple webinar series, Brendan will dispel old industry myths and share the many new and proven ways to solve the problem and increase sales and profits. A multi-pronged approach addressing all three legs of the “Comfort Stool” has been proven to deliver real results. You will learn new ways to solve this age old problem, serve your customers better, differentiate on replacement calls, and increase sales and profits.
Part One addresses old school myths and band aids, equipment selection and maintenance issues, and duct sealing options.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Jul. 31 How To Cool the 2nd Floor – Part Two

Part Two addresses air distribution opportunities such as adding high return, adding low return, reducing static pressure, Evergreen blower motor, fitting replacement, new floor register selection to break up stagnation and pros and cons of constant fan operation.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Aug. 7 How To Cool the 2nd Floor – Part Three

Part Three addresses all the many thermal envelope opportunities to even out stratification. Learn new insights on how stack effect contributes to stagnation in ways that will surprise you, and why Powered Attic Ventilators sometimes “work” but are still not recommended.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Aug. 21 How to Ask for Referrals and Encourage Word of Mouth

Home and Duct Performance Contracting leads to very happy customers. It’s common to hear “Our house is like a totally different house!” or “It made a night and day difference!” While happy customers are the foundation for getting more referrals, most contractors have a lot of missed opportunities. In this webinar you will learn proven low or no cost techniques to increase referrals and word of mouth marketing, get more glowing internet reviews, and influence the influencers.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Sept. 18 New Recessed Can Light Solutions

Recessed Can Lights contribute to many home performance complaints. The good news is there are now more solutions than ever before – and they are profitable. This webinar will review the many comfort, IAQ, efficiency and durability problems they cause; the safety and performance technical challenges to keep in mind; the “old-school” solutions; how the new LED inserts work and are installed; and tips on sales techniques and retail pricing. (45 minutes)

Watch Video Oct 16 Pre-Appointment Education on Duct Upgrades for Replacement Sales Leads

When should a prospective client hear about the opportunities to make their new system work better by also performing a duct upgrade? The sooner the better! Webinar will:
1) Explain the objectives and benefits of Pre-Appointment Education (PAE)
2) Review the many CI, government and Aeroseal print, video and script resources you have to perform PAE
3) Rank the relative importance of using web, email, paper mail and hand delivery to provide the information
4) Highlight how your techs and CSR’s can engage the customer verbally to set the stage for your comfort advisor or selling tech.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Oct. 30 ASHRAE 62 Ventilation Standard: Part One – What Has Changed and Why It Matters

The ASHRAE 62 Ventilation Standard has flip flopped around on ventilation rates many times since its inception. This webinar will review the history and clarify the current requirements. We will delve into how a blower door test now affects the minimum sizing calculations by determining an infiltration credit. We will then address why an HVAC or Home Performance contractor should care; the current status of how BPI and Home Performance programs are adapting to the new ASHRAE standard; and how you can use this information even if your work isn't subject to an authority having jurisdiction.
(45 minutes)

Watch Video Nov. 13 What We Sold Isn't What The Customer Thought They Bought

Homeowners don’t want duct upgrades, insulation, duct cleaning, new equipment or filters. They want cold beer, hot showers, even temperatures, less dust and low utility bills! And often much more. They don’t want to buy stuff or services, they want solutions to problems. This webinar will explore replacement equipment, IAQ and duct upgrade examples of the challenge this poses and give you insights on how you can improve your sales and interaction processes, and work scope.
(45 minutes)