July 31 2015 by Brendan Reid

Homeowners Can Save Money with a Home and Duct Performance Test

We are now in the midst of the hot and humid summer weather. Has your utility bill to run the air conditioner last month shown up in the mail yet? If it is out of line, and you are tired of over-paying the utility company, we have the answers! Our home and duct performance test is the best way to find real solutions so you can increase energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills.
According to the Department of Energy, most homes are not nearly as energy efficient as they should be, leading to energy loss and higher than necessary heating or cooling bills. A typical home loses up to 40 cents of every dollar spent on heating and cooling bills through poor construction, leaky ductwork and improperly sized or installed equipment.
A home and duct performance test pinpoints the exact causes of energy loss, comfort and indoor air quality problems. Our Comfort Institute-trained comfort consultant will perform the test and offer solutions to insure your AC equipment runs efficiently and cost effectively. Many energy loss opportunities discovered during the checkup can be simply and affordably solved by the homeowner as weekend projects.
An HVAC contractor is like a doctor for your house,” says Comfort Institute Founder Brendan Reid. “Without diagnostic testing, your doctor would just be cutting you open and poking around. There’s a reason doctors don’t do that anymore. Testing is always better than guessing. This test lets us find the problems in a scientific manner so we can offer real solutions.


Call us for a quote, and ask about our promotional specials for pre-booking a test for this fall. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t see value in the information found during the testing, you don’t pay a dime.


For more information about this whole house comfort checkup,visit our webpage or give us a call.