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Radiant Barrier Foil improves comfort and pays for itself by reducing cooling bills and Reduces Energy Load Requirements For Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.


Facts about hot attics

Concerned about high cooling bills or hot, uncomfortable rooms?

Research scientists have proven that invisible infrared heat radiating downward from the underside of your hot roof is the main way the sun’s heat gets through your ceiling. Conventional insulation absorbs the heat only to release it into your home later in the afternoon and evening. Insulation slows it but doesn’t stop it.


The Solution

Keep the hot roof energy from getting to the attic floor in the first place, with Radiant Barrier Foil stapled under the roof rafters. Radiant Barrier Foil also helps keep the heat in your home during cold winter nights. Results: More comfortable temperatures in those rooms under your attic, and lower cooling bills.


Do you have ducts in your attic?

Air conditioning picks up unwanted heat when it travels in hot attics. Scientists have discovered that ductwork typically loses 15% to 20% of the cooling energy put out by the air conditioner. The rooms furthest from the air conditioner suffer the most. The solution: Radiant Barrier Foil under the rafters. Your attic ducts are then shielded from the intense heat beaming down from the hot roof. The air comes out of your supply vents cooler, and your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as long.


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