stop-and-learnThe Silent, Odorless, Invisible Killer CARBON MONOXIDE is a leading cause of poisoning deaths Worldwide.

Studies show an increase in emergency room visits from 50,000 in 2009 to more recent CO related incidents reported at 81,100. There are no complete statistics on how many people are treated in CO incidents annually, but the numbers are rising.


Carbon monoxide is one of the most misdiagnosed ailments that people suffer from because exposure often mimics other illnesses such as flu or stomach problems. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a serious matter. (Learn more about this on the reverse side).


A 2012 report by The National Fire Protection Association says 81,100 non-fire CO incidents were reported to U.S. Fire Departments and in 2010 more than 90% occurred in homes or apartments. The American Lung Association says that, “Every home should have a CO Monitor in sleeping and living areas.” Many people have a false sense of security because they do not know the difference between standard “retail store” monitors and Low Level CO Monitors that you invest in from your local Heating and Cooling Contractor.


The New Year brings a new law on carbon monoxide detectors - Effective Jan. 1, 2013 State law will require carbon monoxide detectors in all California condominiums and apartments. “The law applies to landlords, tenants, condominium owners and Homeowner Associations”, said Lee Swanson, spokesman for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department...


Fire Chief says home detectors are important Dec. 26, 2012 Fire Chief says, “Carbon monoxide poisonings and deaths show that having Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home is important”. Flint police say a couple and a boy were found about 6 a.m. Christmas Day. The adults were dead at the scene, and the 11-year-old boy died at a hospital...


Residents suffer carbon monoxide poisoning
Nov. 12, 2012 Six people were transported to the hospital on Monday morning, due to carbon monoxide poisoning in their home at 5:09 a.m. in Salt Lake City...


Officials investigate CO incident in Overbrook
November 28, 2012 Two people received medical attention after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected inside several homes in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia Wednesday morning…


Two hospitalized in Wilmington CO leak

November 26, 2012 Two people needed to be hospitalized after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected inside a Wilmington, Delaware apartment building on Monday.


Fifteen hospitalized after CO leak in Port Richmond
Tuesday May 1, 2012 Crews were called out to the 1900 block of Buckius Street in the city's Port Richmond section Monday night. One house was evacuated because of high levels of the odorless, colorless carbon monoxide gas.  Firefighters found the source of the leak in their basement. At least five people have been hospitalized.



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