resources-homeAchieve the most comfortable, healthiest and efficient home possible.  Live in the most comfortable home on your street.  Put a stop to rooms that are too hot or too cold. Make the air in your home the cleanest air you will breath all day.  Decrease dust and help your family members who suffer with allergies or asthma.  Save money on your utility bills and achieve the lowest operating cost possible.


These are things that we wish we could have for our own homes... but how do you obtain them?

Educating yourself is the first step to a comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home.



Do you think you need a new home comfort system?  You may not need one!

Be careful when buying a new air conditioner or heating system. The wrong system, improperly installed, could sentence you to years of discomfort, unhealthy indoor air and high utility bills. Take time to find a qualified contractor in your area.  Use this tool to find a Comfort Institute Contractor in your area.




bigger-is-not-better3Bigger is not better when replacing our old furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner.

Many homeowners hope for more powerful equipment will do a better job. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception.  While too small isn't acceptable, too big can be much, much worse.  View the full article here.



How to find a reliable heating & cooling contractor

All contractors are certainly not the same. In over 20 years of researching and solving home comfort and indoor air quality problems, and working with contractors literally around the world, the researchers and trainers with Comfort Institute have witnessed an enormous variation in heating and air contractor competence and ethics. Read More




bigger-is-not-better3How a whole house comfort checkup can benefit homeowners

A specially-trained Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultant will visit your home. Using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures your consultant will identify problems that affect your indoor living environment. Your consultant will then provide you with a personalized plan to solve these problems. Read More

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