Recently, one of our CI members and Washington-based contractor Barron Heating & Cooling in Bellingham, WA shared an incredible homeowner story.


One of its service techs had assessed that a particular homeowner needed new HVAC equipment. During the assessment, the homeowner added she had significant health issues, including an extreme rash on her face which made her uncomfortable going out in public. Doctors could not explain it.


Barron Heating & Cooling comfort advisor Wes Diskin recommended and performed a Home & Duct Performance Assessment. The advisor found mold, duct leakage, and envelope infiltration causing unhealthy air in the home’s living space. To fix the issues, the dealer performed various performance contracting services, which included Comfort Institute testing and sealing the duct work with Aeroseal. The results were outstanding!


Barron Heating & Cooling owner John Barron reflected, “Three weeks later, she called to let us know something amazing. In those three weeks, her face, which had been irritated for five years prior, had almost completely cleared up. That sounds unbelievable, but it’s not, it actually happened. We believe what was affecting her was a combination of insulation fibers and mold spores entering the home.”


The happy homeowner added, “My house is now my fortress and my refuge.” This is a great example and success story about using proven performance contracting measures, state-of-the-art technology, and CI certified expertise to improve homeowner lives!


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