See how your HVAC and Home Performance knowledge stacks up to the rest.  Test your knowledge in Building Science, Duct Design, Renovation, Carbon Monoxide Safety, and Building Envelope Air Sealing.  See if you can top the Comfort Institute leader board or simply keep your test results private.  You can also send the test to your co-workers or employees to see how they do.


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Building Science Series


Duct Design, Renovation, Air Flow and Balancing Series

  • How to Measure Static Pressure
  • Duct Sealing Materials Orientation


Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Safety Series

  • Sources of Carbon Monoxide
  • Introduction to CO Analyzers and How to Measure Ambient Air


Building Envelope Air Sealing Series

  • How to Air Seal Around Attic Chimney Penetrations
  • Prioritizing Building Air Sealing