Near the end of 2016, a powerhouse partnership was announced between EGIA, Aeroseal, and Comfort Institute (CI). You might have even heard about it recently through the 2017 EGIA Contractor University Conference Tour.

Offering exclusive growth opportunities for contractors, members of CI and/or EGIA plus Aeroseal dealers share partnership benefits, discounts, and tools that help ensure success of their individual businesses in the years ahead. However, the relationship between CI and EGIA is something really special.

In an interview with EGIA CEO & Executive Director Bruce Matulich, he highlighted, “As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer a uniquely affordable and value-packed training program that provides building contractors with the business skills needed to meet the challenges of a changing industry…Add to this, the home performance best practice training provided by Comfort Institute, and contractors have a real roadmap to success.”

For CI members and Aeroseal dealers, the “roadmap to success” now includes access to in-depth business operational training delivered through EGIA’s Contractor University. Want more information? Fill out our contact form, and we’d love to share with you additional details regarding this partnership.