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For more than 20 years, Comfort Institute programs have helped HVAC and Home Performance contractors grow their businesses by 25% or more. We help our members increase their leads, sales and profits while providing enhanced service to their homeowner customers.

Three key programs that have helped our members grow their business include:

Home Performance Testing & Sales System

Increase your close rate by 20% and add $2,500 to your average ticket with home performance tools and knowledge.

    Technical Home Performance Training: More than 100 classes around the country.

    • Learn the fundamental skills to performance in-home diagnostics and repairs. Includes preparation and testing for BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certification.
    • Understand problems and opportunities related to duct design and installation.
    • Home performance crash course provides a deep understanding of how the whole house works as an interactive system.
    • Learn the A-B-C-D approach to home performance.

    Sales Support: Personalized coaching and support tailored to YOUR specific business

    • Service Tech In-Home Techniques - Provides the knowledge and confidence needed to address and solve EVERY problem your service tech hears in the field.
    • Personalized dealer level coaching at your office, focusing on lead generation, sales and profits.
    • Regional Training Classes
    • "Ask the Expert" Home Application Tips
    In-Home & Proprietary Digital Lead Generation Platform:

    • Service Tech & CSR Lead Generation Tips - Learn how to generate leads at all levels of your organization and close leads while improving your average ticket price by more than 10%.
    • Proprietary Digital Lead GEneration Platform - Risk free digital lead generation program that generates 10+ qualified leads per month.
    Lucrative Rebate Program: An average HVAC Contractor will see more than $4,000 in rebates annually.

    • A strategic partnership between Comfort Institute and Service Roundtable provides members with rebates on items you are already buying - Money for Nothing!

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