Earth is home to more than six billion humans and countless animals and plants.


Earth Day is an annual event held across the world to raise awareness of environmental changes and inform every person what they can do to help the cause. Here are a few things you can do to make a difference and reduce your footprint.



  • Insulate and Seal Your Home: Reduce drafts and air leaks with caulk, insulation and duct sealing.
  • Choose Energy Star Appliances: These appliances are recognized for having superior energy efficiency. Did you know, frequent use of a tumble dryer will add to your energy bill at an astronomical rate?
  • Thermostats: Set your thermostat one degree lower and do not adjust - install a programmable thermostate for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Slow the Flow: Just one drop per second from a leaky faucet wastes over 1,300 gallons per year. A hot water leak wastes fossil fuel and creates more green house gases.
  • Reuse and Recycle: By buying used products and reselling or recycling items you no longer use, you dramatically reduce your carbon footprint from the "provision of goods."
  • Driving Style: Speeding and unnecessary acceleration reduces mileage by up to 33%, wastes gas and money, and increases your carbon footprint.


Together we can make all the difference for our planet, Earth!