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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m sure you have all seen the pink ribbons emblazoned on practically everything – but have you ever really stopped and thought about what they stand for?  More than 249,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year, and nearly 41,000 die from the disease.  Breast cancer is still [...]

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Let’s Talk Proper Ventilation

You have to start thinking about your home's ventilation. There is a good chance you're over-ventilating, wasting money, and making your home uncomfortable. The alternative is that you're under-ventilating. Allowing chemicals, moisture, and carbon dioxide to build up in the home. Most are not life threatening, but can cause mold, mildew, or home sickness.

Most [...]

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Winter’s Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide


More than 500 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year, according to the CDC. More than 25,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 6,000 others are hospitalized.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?
Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that often goes undetected, typically striking victims in their sleep.

CO is produced by burning fuel in [...]

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Healthy Living & Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is the air quality in a home, especially as it relates to the health and comfort the occupants. Recognizing and minimizing common pollutants indoors can help reduce indoor health issues. Effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced immediately or, years down the road.


Immediate Health Impacts


Health effects may appear directly after [...]

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Don’t Blindly Trust Your HVAC Equipment This Fall

It's the middle of September and Fall is upon us. That means winter is just around the corner. It’s time to get ready for some cool nights that could make a home uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your home heating system is in appropriate shape.
Stock Up on Filters

If you have a [...]

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Your HVAC unit has been wrecked by a storm. Now what?

Every region of the country has either floods, blizzards, rainstorms, hailstorms or worse. If your unit is damaged during one of aforementioned; there are important steps that should be followed. You can also protect your unit before the storm. Here are some ways to protect your unit and what to do once damage occurs.

Prep your [...]

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September is National Preparedness Month

As the White House recently reminded us, September is National Preparedness Month. A month dedicated to assessing and preparing for local disasters and unplanned emergencies. In a 2016, Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness found that 65% of Americans do not have an adequate emergency plan. 41% aren’t confident with local emergency plans [...]

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Fall is Ragweed Season

Ragweed is a flowering plant that comes from the sunflower family. Unfortunately, once this plant takes root in a given area, it is very difficult to completely rid the area of ragweed. While many people regard spring as prime pollen season, one type of pollen wreaks havoc in the late summer and fall. Ragweed [...]

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Your Duct Work is a Problem.

Many duct systems are excessively leaky, poorly insulated and undersized. Here are some government, utility company quotes on the importance of evaluating your ducts for possible improvement. Replacing your old heating and cooling system with a new high-efficiency system? It is essential that you evaluate the duct system, and if necessary make improvements, to [...]

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Don’t forget your best friend on this 4th of July!

Even the most patriotic dogs hate fireworks. The noise from fireworks can cause pups to panic, break leashes, jump fences and act irrational. As much as you want your dog to be by your side during the holiday it just isn’t a great idea. The smells, noise, and flashes are foreign to dogs and [...]

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