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Why a Furnace Tune-Up Every Fall is Important

Imagine this: It's well below freezing. The ground is covered with ice or snow. You’re just about ready to turn in for the night when you crawl in bed and still can't get warm. Come to think of it, you can’t remember the last time your furnace kicked on. You try to troubleshoot, but it’s [...]

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Homeowners Beware

Homeowners  should be very careful before choosing a heating and cooling contractor for their home. There are huge differences in quality and professionalism throughout the industry. The "best" contractors will typically be members of one or more professional contractor associations. You should be looking for contractors who are well-educated and certified in three particular [...]

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You won’t believe what YOU are breathing!

Have you ever broken your vacuum cleaner bag as you were disposing it or looked at canister of debris before dumping it? This should provide an accurate picture of what type of air the typical homeowner is breathing in their homes.

Every home's duct work leaks! Every time your furnace runs more things are sucked into [...]

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Does Your HVAC System Suffer From High Blood Pressure?

It's often said  that your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner is the heart of your comfort system. Following the analogy further, your air ducts are its veins & arteries.
And just like high blood pressure is bad for your heart, high “duct static pressure” is bad for your heating and cooling system, your comfort [...]

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Solutions for hot and cold rooms

Have you ever wondered why some rooms are not as comfortable as others, and sometimes an entire floor can be uncomfortable? This can be very frustrating however, the good news is it can be fixed. There are many reasons why this happens, but the most common issue is air flow. When an HVAC system is [...]

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