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Internet of Things is Changing HVAC

Now more than ever, it seems like the term “Internet of Things” or IOT for short is popping up everywhere, and the HVAC industry is no exception.


From the automated home vision to smart thermostats like Nest, IOT is changing HVAC. As an HVAC contractor, it can be a lot to digest, but there are [...]

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HVAC Businesses to Reap Benefits of New Tax Code

With the April 15th tax deadline right around the corner and recent buzz regarding the new tax code, there are tremendous tax savings opportunities for small businesses on HVAC equipment.


Regardless of your political views, now could be an excellent time for small businesses to consider investments in HVAC equipment. According the to the U.S. [...]

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New Research Busts HVAC Myth about Duct Leakage in Conditioned Spaces

Comfort Institute (CI) partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) in an attempt to bust the long-held myth that leaky ducts in conditioned spaces do not contribute to energy savings and only leaky ducts in unconditioned spaces should be sealed. Long story short, the myth was indeed BUSTED!


For the study, eleven Cincinnati, OH [...]

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3 Overlooked Website Design Tips for HVAC Contractors

ACHR News recently published an article that got us thinking about how the HVAC and performance contracting industry is changing and becoming more digital and tech savvy.


The article emphasized how “smaller contractors can compete successfully in the HVACR market” thanks to digital marketing capabilities. It provided a nice breakdown of the search engine optimization [...]

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4 Energy-Efficient Building Practices Save Millions in Residential New Construction

Recently, the DOE Building Technologies Office released its Evaluation of Building America and Selected Building Energy Codes Program Activities, and it revealed four energy-efficient building practices that have contributed to millions of dollars saved in the residential new construction market:


Duct Tightness
Envelope Insulation
Thermal Bridging


The DOE BTO report analyzed Building America’s portfolio [...]

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Game-Changing Technologies Influencing New Construction

With the recent growth in the housing market and new construction, there have also been outstanding technological developments in the industry. There are many different opinions and projections buzzing around the industry, and a couple of them caught our attention.


3D Printing


The idea of “3D printing a house” is an innovative concept that is quickly [...]

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Hot Contractor Marketing Tactics for 2018

Looking ahead to the new year, it’s that time when business owners are evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and finishing up plans for the future. This coming year offers some exciting marketing opportunities for contractors.


Content Marketing


You might have heard the old adage, “Content is King.” Content is an incredible component of marketing, [...]

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3 Awesome Contractor Blogs Worth Stealing

In today’s contracting business, blogging has proven to be one of the most powerful (and inexpensive) marketing tools at your disposal. The digital era has brought “the digital consumer.” Now when a homeowner needs a contractor, it’s a safe bet that he/she will search the web for a contractor.


If your website content is not [...]

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2 Key Drivers of Home Performance for Contractors, Homeowners

Recently, ACHR News published an interesting article that covered what’s driving home performance among contractors and homeowners. In this week's print issue was dedicated to home performance contracting. It covered a variety of topics, but the drivers could be summed up in two words: technology and knowledge. You can read the full article here.


From [...]

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Homeowners Misinformed About Airborne Dangers in Homes, Research Says

PR Newswire recently featured a new study conducted by industry leader Broan-NuTone about homeowners’ understanding of indoor air quality (IAQ). What it concluded was interesting.


The survey results affirmed that homeowners are concerned about poor IAQ. However, it revealed, “many of us lack the practical understanding of how to eliminate unhealthy air from our homes.” [...]

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