People tend to think of allergens and asthma as something happening outside our home - that is not the case.

Many things inside your home can trigger allergies and asthma...smoke, household dust, chemical odors, mold and pet dander are just a few items that can trigger an attack. What can you do to make your home healthier?


Ensure proper ventilation in your home: Open doors and window when temperature and humidity levels permit. Use an electronic air filter system and remember to change filter on a regular basis.


Control moisture: Promptly repair any leaks discovered in your home. Keep humidity levels to less than 60 percent, using dehumidifiers if necessary.


Minimize Chemical Pollutants: Choose cleaning products that are less harsh and fragrance free. Avoid smoking indoors


Keep your pet groomed: Make sure your pet is washed and brushed on a regular basis. Also, keeping your pet out of your bedroom can reduce allergens in the room where we tend to spend the most time.


Make sure this May you are breathing healthier air in your home.

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