General good housekeeping, and maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment, are very important to improving your indoor air quality. Adequate ventilation and good air distribution also help. Learn more about the allergens that can impact your health.

  • Pollen: Pollen is common outdoors but can also make its way inside the home. During spring months it’s best to leave shoes outdoors to keep from tracking in the pollen. Also, windows should be closed as often as possible, specifically on windy days when the pollen is likely to be blown into the home.
  • Dust: Dust, impossible to get escape and present in even the smallest home. Best way to battle dust is to keep your home clean. Begin with vacuuming on a regular basis and dust regularly. Make sure and vacuum and dust all the hard to reach areas like under furniture, along baseboards and on top of shelves and book cases. Change the HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis.
  • Mold: The key to mold control is moisture. High humidity, leaky faucets, and improper ventilation can all contribute to mold growth. To eliminate mold wipe the affected area with bleach immediately. Make sure and wear a dust mask and eye protection to inhibit the spores from entering the body. Also, if any leaks are present, have a professional fix them and make sure the area is kept clean and dry at all times. Without sealing the leaks you’ll the mold will likely return time and time again.
  • Pet Dander: Pets are part of our family, but they are also one of the largest contributors to allergy problems. Keep your pet bathed and brushed on a regular basis to eliminate dander. Also, vacuum any accumulating hair on a regular basis.

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