Recently, the DOE Building Technologies Office released its Evaluation of Building America and Selected Building Energy Codes Program Activities, and it revealed four energy-efficient building practices that have contributed to millions of dollars saved in the residential new construction market:


  1. Airtightness
  2. Duct Tightness
  3. Envelope Insulation
  4. Thermal Bridging


The DOE BTO report analyzed Building America’s portfolio of airtightness, duct tightness, envelope insulation, and thermal bridging over the past ten years. DOE contributor Jack Mayernik highlights, “Findings showed that Building America’s efforts reduced America’s energy costs and improved its environmental health by a combined $875 million over the past 10 years, at a total program cost of only $162 million – a 30.2% internal rate of return on BTO’s investment.”


Game-Changing Performance Contracting Opportunities

Its research like this DOE BTO report that really brings to light the market opportunities for game-changing building technologies like Aeroseal duct sealing and AeroBarrier envelope sealing, both sister brands to Comfort Institute.


The dynamic duo of Aeroseal and AeroBarrier can help contractors, builders, and industry professionals achieve duct tightness and airtightness better than traditional sealing methods (e.g. tape, mastic, caulk). Duct tightness and airtightness are important for efficient and healthy homes and buildings.


Plus, 2018 has already been a big year for both.


Aeroseal launched the next generation of its duct sealing technology: HomeSeal Connect. It integrates the most cutting edge features including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Download the HomeSeal Connect product brochure.


AeroBarrier launched its technology for the first time at the NAHB Internation Builders Show (IBS) 2018 and won two industry-leading awards:

  • IBS 2018 Most Innovative Building Product Award
  • IBS 2018 Best In Show Award

Also at IBS 2018, the AeroBarrier envelope sealing technology was featured in the NAHB The New American Home.

Read about the official AeroBarrier product launch and awards at IBS 2018.


At the culmination of the DOE BTO report and the 2018 product launches of Aeroseal and AeroBarrier are the exciting opportunities for American homebuilding and performance contracting.


Ultimately, Aeroseal and AeroBarrier technologies are making it easier to build super-efficient and healthier homes and buildings worldwide and helping homeowners and contractors think beyond the HVAC equipment (e.g. furnace, AC unit) and consider the implications of duct and air leakage in homes.


Not all home comfort issues are solved simply by repairing or replacing your furnace or AC unit. They might be the result of air duct leakage or home envelope leakage.


That’s where Comfort Institute (CI) comes into play. CI-certified contractors are trained in a “whole-home approach” to diagnosing and fixing comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency issues in homes.


Are you a homeowner? Find a CI-certified contractor near you the next time you have uncomfortable hot/cold rooms, unpleasant dust/airborne allergens, and excessive utility bills with your house to ensure the contractor is trained in a “whole-home approach” to fixing the problem instead of just trying to sell you an expensive furnace/AC repair or system replacement.


Are you a contractor? We’d love to chat with you how CI training and business resources can help you better solve homeowner issues. Call us 800-933-5656, email us, or leave a comment below.