Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, how do you stack up in your neighborhood regarding home performance? Recently, IE3 Media shared how you can be the best.


First, it’s importance to recognize home performance goes beyond just installing new equipment. It’s a common myth that a new furnace will “fix the problem.” The truth is the HVAC unit is not always the culprit.


Second, it’s critical to understand how your home HVAC system affects your daily living. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that their homes can actually be making them sick or uncomfortable.


Third, truly solving health, safety, and comfort problems in homes means developing a “whole home action plan” that goes beyond just installing the top SEER equipment. It’s helpful to think of the entire house as your “HVAC system.”


There are a variety of proven testing and analysis services beyond furnace installation and maintenance a technician can perform that are highly effective at improving health, safety, and comfort in homes. For example, Comfort Institute (CI) certified contractors are trained in a plethora of home diagnostics that assess EVERYTHING in a home: the furnace, house thermal envelope, insulation, air tightness, ventilation, and more.


Are you a homeowner with health, safety, or comfort concerns in your home? Find a CI certified contractor near you for expert home performance advice.

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