ACHR News recently published an article that got us thinking about how the HVAC and performance contracting industry is changing and becoming more digital and tech savvy.


The article emphasized how “smaller contractors can compete successfully in the HVACR market” thanks to digital marketing capabilities. It provided a nice breakdown of the search engine optimization (SEO) process, which is the fancy terminology for what helps your website show up in online search results.


After reading the article, it brought to light three key website tips that often get overlooked by HVAC contractors.


Long-Tail Keyword Targeting

The first overlooked tip might sound confusing, but it’s simple. It basically refers to using extremely targeted and specific keywords on your website. For example, instead saying “HVAC contractor,” you might use a long-tail keyword like “HVAC contractor in Columbus, Ohio.”

Any HVAC contractor can effectively use “HVAC contractor.” By adding “in Columbus, Ohio,” you are narrowing the number of contractors that will show up in online search results.


Advice-Giving Blog Posts

The second overlooked tip is nothing new but has become even more important with consumers becoming more digital and tech savvy. If your website is only selling, then it’s probably not selling effectively. It must also be helpful for consumers that visit it.

When a homeowner visits your website, they don’t want to be sold to. They want to find the answers to their home HVAC issues. By adding advice-giving content to your website, the user now views you as a source for information to help them get answers. Then when they need to call a contractor, they are more likely to call you.


Aesthetic beauty

Here’s the bottom line: if your website is not aesthetically beautiful to homeowners visiting it, then it probably sucks. Today’s home-buyers, especially millennials, judge contractors based on their websites. You might not like it, but it’s true. If your website sucks visually, then your customers will go elsewhere.


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