In today’s contracting business, blogging has proven to be one of the most powerful (and inexpensive) marketing tools at your disposal. The digital era has brought “the digital consumer.” Now when a homeowner needs a contractor, it’s a safe bet that he/she will search the web for a contractor.


If your website content is not in top-notch shape, you could be missing customers. Maintaining a blog is a simple way to produce quality content that is searched by your customers.


Not sure how to get started? We’ve done a lot of the work for you. We’ve compiled the following list of contractor blogs that are worth stealing ideas.

Air Mechanical

Overall, Air Mechanical has some very nice blog features. The headlines are nice and bold to catch the eye of the reader. The copy is divided into nice relatively small paragraphs with subheadings to make the articles “skim-friendly.” Keywords (a.k.a. tags) are linked at the bottom of each article to connect one particular post to related posts.


However, there’s two bigger reasons why we love this blog: frequency and mobility. First, there’s almost nothing worse than a company blog that stays inactive for long periods of time. On the contrary, Air Mechanical maintains a nice post frequency to steal. Second, with us living in a world inundated with smartphones, mobility is critical. Your blog set up needs to accommodate mobile web browsers.

Acree Air Conditioning

Like Air Mechanical, Acree also has a nice blog. Clean images and headlines help grab the reader’s eye. A brief summary of the copy teases the reader to click “Read More.”


Another nice blog element for Acree is the email address call-to-action (CTA) in a column to the right of the articles. The use of pictograms and background color helps the CTA remain differentiated from the regular blog article content.

Mason Mechanical

Not to be out done, Mason Mechanical (MM) also has a nice blog for your source of web content inspiration. The MM blog emphasizes visuals more by making the article images much bigger to stretch the full width of the article caption preview. Plus, MM also integrates nice service CTAs in the right column of the blog with Google Maps integration. At the time of this blog audit, it was highlighting the following CTAs right on the blog page:

  • “Request Service” – this CTA takes the user to a web form to request an HVAC or plumbing repair service
  • “Current Specials” – this CTA takes the user to a page dedicated to hot deals currently available (e.g. Up to $1000 Off Your Trane Replacement Unit)
  • “View Financing Options” – this CTA takes the user to a page dedicated to the company’s flexible payment options available to customers.


There were other blogs we found worth stealing that you can visit below:


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See how it works.Do you know contractor blogs that should be included in this list? Let us know. Email us, call us (800) 933-5656, or leave a comment below.