Recently, ACHR News published an interesting article that covered what’s driving home performance among contractors and homeowners. In this week's print issue was dedicated to home performance contracting. It covered a variety of topics, but the drivers could be summed up in two words: technology and knowledge. You can read the full article here.


From a technology perspective, ACHR News contributor Nicole Krawcke wrote about how HVAC manufacturers are constantly coming up with new equipment and gadgets to improve the health of homes. For example, SMART home systems like Nest, Google Home, and Alexa have given homeowners more in how they can manage their homes, and they have given contractors more opportunities for helping their customers.


In the article, Fieldpiece Instruments project manager Russell Harju adds, “I personally just got a new Carrier thermostat that actually gave me a live dollar read out of how much the air was costing me. I nudged the temperature up to 76 after looking at it.” Thanks to technology enhancements like this one, we are able to have more capabilities with deciding how our homes perform.


Coupled with technology, Krawcke added knowledge as another key driver of home performance. For example, all of us are simply one Google Search away from knowing more about anything. The author concluded, “More importantly, [contractors] need to be able to convert this information into solutions for the home and property owner.”


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