Author: Brendan Reid, Senior Success Coach, Comfort Institute


Service/maintenance agreements can really drain your resources and profits, unless you SELL something. Don't get us wrong. We loved and promoted their business benefits since being introduced to them by Ron Smith in the late 80s.

  • Off-season maintenance and accessory revenue
  • Locked-in relationships
  • Higher closing rates when it comes time to replace their equipment
  • More top of mind brand awareness and referrals
  • Higher lifetime customer value
  • Higher valuations when it comes time to sell your business

We get it.  We really do. But, there's a problem here.


If you are doing everything right, you end up with relatively young and well-installed equipment under contract with customers who welcome your techs with milk and cookies every six months. Your guys do the tune up, change the filter and walk out with a warm fuzzy but often with no extra money (a.k.a. the dreaded "zero dollar ticket").


What's the answer?  How can you generate more revenue from these satisfied clients?


Unfortunately, over 80% of your customers are not 100% happy with their home's comfort, cleanliness, or utility bills.  Before diversifying into another service trade, try turning those unhappy customer lemons into some tasty lemonade through various performance contracting techniques:

  • Duct renovation and replacement
  • Testing static pressure, air flow, and leakage
  • Return air enlargement
  • Duct sealing
  • And more

Duct Performance projects can increase your average ticket sales by $5000 - at typical margins of 65%+, and most without rebates. It’s a win-win for both contractors and homeowners. You make good money, and homeowners say they're finally enjoying the comfort and clean air they were missing.


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